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Road trips and Chocolate PB Chex balls

June 16, 2014

In a matter of days, school will be out for the rest of the summer. For us that means road trips – lots of day trips and weekend long trips,  as well  as a hopefully a week-long trip in there somewhere. Those are my favorite [road trips] – spending time talking, laughing and joking in the car and experiencing and exploring  all kinds of  wonderful new places together. Road trips also mean having great snacks available with us all the time.

As a gluten-free family it’s just easier  for us  to have snacks available in the car, than having to stop and try to find something that is safe for us to eat and that is also healthy along the way and using up valuable driving time. One of the products I like to use for making up some great treats and snacks are the Gluten free Chex by  General Mills.  We like both varieties, although we tend to gravitate towards the Honey Nut more often…. even eating it out of the box…   I have made many treats using Chex  [one of our favourites], but there are so many on the Life made Delicious site-  this is a new favourite I created and it  adds a little punch of protein, so perfect for long car trips.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Chex balls

  • ½ cup Honey Nut Chex
  • 4 cups of rice Chex ground finally in a food processor
  • ¾ to 1 cup of smooth peanut butter
  • 2-3 tablespoons of honey  [depending on how sweet you want, but not too much]
  • 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa

Grind the honey nut Chex  in a food processor until fine, remove and set aside Grind the Rice Chex until fine. Add the peanut butter to processor and process along with Chex. Add in honey and cocoa  and continue to process until smooth Once the combined completely and it is starting to ball, stop the process Gather up  and roll into 1 inch balls and let set for a few minutes,  then place ½ cup of ground honey nut Chex onto  wax paper and roll each ball around to cover.  Store in container, best if refrigerated or placed in a cooler during road trips. Makes approx 25 balls.  


What are your favourite road trip snacks?



*Disclosure: I am part of the Summer With Chex Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. These look and sound really good, thanks for sharing the recipe. I am going to pick up some Chex and try them out!

  2. These look good! These are the kind of recipes that make me wish i had a food processor!

    1. We like them, and they are so great for taking along to potlucks, road trips or outings! 🙂

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