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Earth’s Own Noel Nog, a gluten-free treat for the holidays.

December 13, 2012

This time of year always brings with it certain traditions for us.  Decorating the house, baking cookies, holiday get- togethers and decorating  the Christmas tree.  Another tradition that we started a long time ago [mainly because my daughter was a picky eater and ate very little when she was much younger] was buying eggnog as soon as it became available on the shelves. It was an extra boost of protein for her. She actually looked forward to October…the time when it first appeared on the shelves in stores. However, once we went gluten free it was a little harder to find one that was gluten free… so I began making my own.  I was never a big fan of eggnog, but my daughter loves it.

I found out that Earth’s Own had come out with a special Noel Nog for the holidays; I was finally able to track some down, so when I brought it home, my daughter  was eager to try it.  This Earth’s Own Noel Nog is also Dairy free and Egg free as it is made from an almond base [filtered water and almonds]. The company has stated it is gluten free as well; my daughter enjoyed it tremendously.

Although not as thick and creamy as traditional eggnog,my daughter said it has a slightly nutty flavour, and is laced with a hint of nutmeg.  My daughter thought it was perfect for having with cookies as an after-school snack. It is nice that there is a nog that she enjoys and I don’t have to make!

Earth'sOwn Noel NOg

My favorite flavour is still the Earth’s Own Chocolate Almond Fresh, I really like it on its own -I find it very rich and creamy and I love the chocolatey flavour! As an extra special treat in the mornings, I like adding it to my coffee.  But it is great to use instead of regular milk in all kinds of recipes. Chocolate is always good no matter what, right? 🙂

Earth's Own Cocolate Almond

Earth’s Own Almond Fresh also comes in the convenient  shelf stable 946ml  size and  a single serve size they call “Almond on the go”  these are perfect for sticking in your purse or lunchbox or for having on the go after a workout . The best thing about these is that they do not have to be refrigerated, no need to worry about carrying cold packs! Love that!

Almond Fresh is great for people suffering from lactose intolerance or

milk allergies.  It’s high in calcium and also fortified with vitamins.

They are also low in calories and one serve provides 45% of your daily recommended

dose of vitamin D, 25% of Riboflavin, and 50% of B12

•Dairy-free and does not contain lactose or casein

• Fortified with calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D and contains naturally

occurring vitamin E, riboflavin, vitamin B12, iron, phosphorus, magnesium

and zinc

• Almond Fresh Vanilla and Original have about half the calories per

serving of 2% milk and is comparable in fat.

•The Unsweetened flavour contains only 30 calories per serving – that’s

less than half of the calories found in skim milk

• Almond Fresh products are wheat and gluten free- love this!

• Certified kosher

Here is a recipe that can be used with the Noel Nog,  or any flavour for that matter!

Noel Nog French toast


* 4 eggs

* 1 cup (250 mL) Almond Fresh Noël Nog

* 2 tsp (10 mL) cinnamon

* 8 slices gluten free bread

* Slivered almonds and maple syrup


1. In a shallow dish, beat together the eggs, Almond Fresh Noël Nog and cinnamon.

2. Heat a large frying pan over low/medium heat.

3. Soak bread in the Almond Fresh Noël Nog/egg mixture, one slice at a time.

4. Lightly coat the pan with vegetable oil or butter. Cook each slice of French toast on both sides until nicely browned.

5. Serve with slivered almonds and maple syrup- enjoy!


“Disclosure: although I received some product vouchers and compensation, the opinions on this blog are my own.”

Many thanks to Earth’s Own for providing the review and giveaway product.

Check out the Earth’s Own Almond Fresh facebook page here.

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