Gluten Free

Enjoy life Crunchy cookies

July 4, 2011

When I received an email from Enjoy life asking if I would like to try their new crunchy cookies, I immediately said yes!  Enjoy Life was one of the first companies whose products I tried when I switched to a gluten free diet. Although many more companies are bringing out more and more gluten free products; I still continue to buy Enjoy life products because well, I really like them, they are always great tasting  and are really nutritional!

So… back to the cookies, they sent me four boxes of their new line of crunchy, gluten free cookies. There were four different flavours: Vanilla Honey Graham, Sugar Shortbread, Chocolate Chip and Double Chocolate.

All the flavours were very good and crunchy [they have a line of soft cookies as well that my daughter likes], but I have to say that my favourites were the Double Chocolate and the Chocolate Chip both were really good.  The other two flavours were also very good, but I happen to have a thing for chocolate.  I quite liked the Sugar Shortbread, although it seemed more sugar cookie than shortbread, but that’s okay because I like sugar cookies!

I  had my daughter help me with the taste testing as I wanted to make sure that these were definitely kid approved!   She loved them!  She is as much of a chocoholic as I am; her favourites were also the Double Chocolate and the Chocolate Chip.

They started disappearing very fast – another indication that they were very good!  I wanted to see if the crunchiness would last, so  I stashed away a couple of cookies from each flavour in a resealable bag [I had to hide the bag].  It has been fairly humid, so I had expected them to have lost a fair bit of their crunchiness when I went to check on them this weekend.  To my surprise, all the cookies were just as crunchy as they were two weeks ago when I first received them.

The cookies come 14 to a box, are made with a mixture of rice, buckwheat and millet flours and are gluten free as well as free of wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, milk and soy.  They contain no artificial ingredients, trans fats or genetically modified ingredients – so they are really healthy.

These new products will be available soon on store shelves in Canada, so keep your eyes out for them.  You can buy their other products  in Natural food stores, and grocery stores as well as through online retailers. Some of their other great products they carry: soft baked cookies, cereal, chewy bars and mini chocolate chips.  You can check out their website here for more product info .

If you happen to find them on the shelves, definitely try them out!