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Family #Travel Fun at SeaWorld Orlando with KGSTickets @KGStickets

December 12, 2013

There are so many fun things to do when you’re in Orlando, so it can be quite difficult to decide what to do when you only have a few limited days. We all really wanted to visit SeaWorld, so that was a priority as we had already visited Universal.

SeaWorld with KGStickets

Having spent so much time at the Vancouver aquarium, I was anxious to see what SeaWorld Orlando had to offer. Going to the aquarium was always a  wonderful experience for me while we were in Vancouver; it was a very special time – I was part a group of research volunteers and I got to know some of the incredible animals very well, and learned a lot during that time. I enjoyed spending so much time there – I missed it.

We visited the day  before we were leaving Orlando, we wanted to make sure that we got a full day in at SeaWorld so that we could catch as much as possible during the day  and see all the shows that were available.

Thanks to Kissimmee Guest services we were given passes to the park, we were met by Tim from Kissimmee Guest Services at the gate in the morning and he escorted us in. Luckily, we arrived early so there wasn’t that much of a lineup to get our bags checked as we went through the gate- they were checking to see what, if any food was being brought in. They don’t allow you to bring in any foods  but they do allow you to bring in prepackaged foods if you are on a special diet, so that’s one thing to consider – you can also bring in fruits and vegetables and other pre packaged snacks like yogurts. FAQs re allergens

Once we passed the bag check in, we started our day off getting our caffeine fix. We then headed to the dolphin nursery. There was an animal care specialist on hand to answer any of our questions, he was finishing his degree in  zoology and biology and was very informative. These animals are so beautiful to watch.

Shortly after, we made our way to the Pets Ahoy show, we had been told it was one of the attractions not to miss –  they only had it on certain times of the day- we wanted to make sure we saw it.  It was a great show, with a cast of  dogs, cats, ducks, skunks, etc all joining in the performance.  We thoroughly enjoyed and laughed, but most of all I liked that all the animals used in the show were from rescue facilities and they were giving these animals some much needed  love and a good home.

As we made our way through the different exhibits, we commented on it being such a perfect day to enjoy SeaWorld, our last day in Orlando.  There were many attractions and different shows offered throughout the day, at different times so that you could catch them according to your schedule.They also offer many opportunities for animal encounters: underwater tunnels and viewing as well as being able to interact and feed with stingrays, dolphins, sea lions and many more  in different areas throughout the park.

Along with the encounters, they also offer attractions for the family that likes the different rides: roller coasters, water rides and a sky tower ride amongst them.

SeaWorld with KGStickets 3

Dining gluten free

It was getting to be lunch time, and as we had brought our own prepackaged Gluten free lunches, we sought out a quiet area to sit, and eat.  There are quite a few spots in behind the restaurants that offer a beautiful view. The other bonus – we were sitting near a plug so I could recharge my phone while  I refueled my body! 🙂

SeaWorld with KGStickets 2

I was surprised at the fairly good selection of gluten free items that you could purchase at the different spots. Having any kind of food allergy/sensitivity  means that you have to try to make sure that you can find something to eat wherever you go or that you can bring your own food in if necessary.

Many parks and attractions don’t allow for you to bring your own food in, you have to eat  what is on site  ->so they have to make sure that they can offer a wide range of foods that are allergen specific for people who do have allergies/sensitivities.

SeaWorld makes sure that they do offer quite a wide range, not only in the different restaurants around the park that offer a gluten free menu but also in the different little coffee shops – where they have prepackaged cookies, etc that you can purchase.

They also have a menu meal plan that is excellent option and will allow you to have items at certain restaurants that are gluten-free for the Allergan family.

After a leisurely lunch, we continued on to see more of SeaWorld. We made sure to catch both the One oceans show and the Blue Horizon shows later in the afternoon, both high energy and beautifully orchestrated with incredibly majestic animals.

SeaWorld with KGStickets 4 one ocean

SeaWorld with KGStickets 5 Blue Horizons

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at SeaWorld; this is one of the many attractions that you can purchase through Kissimmee Guest services, a trusted and authorized ticket retailer.  They have some great discounts on many of the popular parks in Orlando, as well as some great activities in and around Kissimmee and they have great service! . Follow them on FB or twitter for some of their great promotions, perfect if you are planning a family getaway during the holidays! 🙂 They also offer a great price guarantee!

* Disclosure : Although we were given  free admission to Sea World as guests of KGSTickets, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Oh this really does look like the perfect way to spend your last day before heading home! Love that you are allowed to take some food in, and that there are some options available or those eating Gluten free! Now, is it time to head back to Florida yet?

  2. wow, SeaWorld has changed so much since my one and only visit almost twenty yaers ago!! There is so much more to do and see. I too like that you can bring in some food. My son has food allergies that make restauant dining pretty tricky, so this would come in handy. I am gonna have to keep this in mind when planning our next family vacation 🙂 BTW I love your photos Rossana!


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