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Gluten-free fruit ice

April 17, 2012

Gluten Free Fruit Ice

Every once in a while I want to have something sweet and creamy but still good for me as a treat after dinner. Now that it is warming up, it is nice to have something that is cool as well.  Our favorite ice cream is made by Chapman’s; they are known for their peanut free and Gluten Free flavors, but some nights I just want something really light but fresh, this is where the gluten free fruit ices come in.  They are quick and easy and very nutritious as well as being low calorie [so I can have as much as I want!] Score for me! 😉


All you need is some frozen fruit – bananas, or strawberries or both.  Blueberries are good too, the possibilities are endless!

Recipe originally found at the Primal Home

Strawberry/banana  Gluten Free Fruit Ice

1 banana sliced and placed in freezer on tray to freeze

½ cup of strawberries, washed and cut in quarters and placed in freezer

tablespoon coconut milk [optional]


Once fruit it frozen, place in blender or food processor together  with coconut milk  if using and blend until smooth*, place in a bowls and serve immediately.  Absolutely love this on a hot afternoon, such a great pick me up and best part is that  it is all natural too!

*As an extra special treat, when I am having some chocolate cravings, I sometimes add in a tablespoon of cocoa as well while blending.

StrawberryBanana Gluten free Fruit Ice
This is so good on top of the brownie!

This is the recipe for the gluten free brownie







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