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I love gluten free hot cereal…

November 30, 2011

Lately, the mornings have been a little chilling and it sometimes seem hard to warm up after getting out of bed.  I love to start these mornings with some lovely hot cereal.  There is nothing better than that to get you warmed up on a frosty morning [well, at least not to me].

Image courtesy of Bob's Red Mill

Being gluten free doesn’t mean you can’t have hot oatmeal anymore – it just means that you have to be careful.  Oats are naturally gluten free; it is the processing that they go through that contaminates them.  Some people are okay with that and eating regular oatmeal doesn’t affect them. Unfortunately, I can’t.  However, there are gluten free oats available that are great. Bob’s Red Mill has one, but it is not instant.

There are a few different hot cereals out there – a few that I really enjoy are Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Buckwheat and their mighty Tasty Hot Cereal, they have some great GF products on their site.  I have really become a buckwheat fan – it is great with yogurt or with coconut milk and cinnamon.

A new favorite that I just started using is the Quinoa flakes; I really like the Quinoa grain I use to make my GF couscous, so I thought I would try it as a cereal. The best thing about the flakes is that they are instant [well, you have to let it is for a few minutes after you pour in the hot water]. I just pour the water and finish getting other things done – by the time I get back it is ready.  I throw in some fruit and some yogurt and I have a super healthy and yummy breakfast. The flakes are also easy to take along when you are traveling – very important! I just put them in a heat proof container; add the cinnamon and then they are ready to mix with the hot water where ever I am. My kind of breakfast!I have been buying this brand and I really like it –  little also goes a long way – so you don’t use that much.

Can you tell I also really like cinnamon?  How do you get warmed up on chilly winter  mornings?