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Invisalign Teen- great option for teens! (#Invisalignteen)

October 30, 2011

These days  it is almost a right of passage to teendom for kids to get braces.  With kids being as active as they are these days, it is nice to have different options available for them that they feel comfortable with and that they feel good in.

Let’s face it; this is one of the most self conscious times in a teen’s life.  They are at the stage where their appearance means the most to them and they are worried about every little detail. Knowing they have to get braces makes them more self conscious and they may feel that they can’t open their mouths for fear of having everyone see their teeth rimmed with metal and being called “metal mouth”.  It is also very difficult trying to play certain musical instruments with regular wire braces which can make their participation in certain activities less enjoyable.

They are also more conscious of participating in sports for fear of getting smacked in the mouth – that can really hurt.  Evan eating can be a pain – they have to be careful about what things they eat so they don’t get food caught in the wires, or worse break them.  The adjustments that are made every few weeks can make their mouths very sore and uncomfortable for a few days which can lead to a decreased appetite.  Not always great for kids at any age.

Enter Invisalign teen, a wonderful product that is both comfortable and durable.

Invisalignt teen fits an active teen’s life style and they’re easy to get used to. There are no wires or uncomfortable brackets poking or tearing the gums or the mouth

They are also inconspicuous (they are made of clear plastic) so teens are less conscious of their smile and it helps them to fit in better. They are also easier to take care of because they can be removed, so they are more hygienic. You can also eat anything without ever having to worry about getting food caught in the wires.

Invisalign teen is also great for busy parents because they never have to worry about getting in to see the orthodontist due to broken wires or brackets; it requires fewer appointment (because you get your sets in advance) and less chair time (for those uncomfortable tightenings)

Invisalign came out with this teen line this past summer – how I wish that they had been available when my daughter had her braces put on almost 2 years ago – would have been so much easier on her and me!

To find out more about the Invisalign teen, visit their website www.invisalignteen.com

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*Disclosure – I am participating in the Invisalign Teen program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Align Technology, Inc. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. I wish this technology was available when I was teenager. I had a slight underbite but ended up going through a stint wearing braces and a retainer. Luckily both my sons inherited their father’s straight teeth!

  2. This sounds like such an amazing product! So glad my girls might be able to avoid the whole “brace face” teasing and go this route instead. Thanks for the great write- up I know I will be looking into Invasline for my daughters.

    1. I know – wish they had been around when we were looking at options for my daughter. Her regular metal braces took a long time for her to get used to and she is now feeling comfortable enough to smile- she gets them off in 4 months! This would have been so much easier on her! Make sure you enter the contest to win a full treatment for your teen! 🙂

  3. I’d never heard of Invisalign prior to this blog tour. My cousin could have benefited from Invisalign. She just got braces a few months ago!

  4. Yes, Invisalign is a great product!! They aren’t just for teens! We have had many adults get them and few people even notice them so they are very inconspicuous!

    We like this product!! Keep up the good work!!!

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