Manuary and Global Resort Homes Working Together To Increase Awareness

January 15, 2014

January is always the start of a brand-new year…around here,  January means Manuary. It’s the time of the year when my husband grows a beard in support of head and neck cancers to raise awareness of this devastating disease.


Head and Neck cancer is the fifth most common cancer in the world and is rapidly increasing – especially in men under 50 due to the connection with HPV, but it also affects women as well as men.

My husband and I both became involved after my husband had gone through treatment for his cancer in 2009. At the time, he was diagnosed with stage four oral pharyngeal Cancer.   Thanks to the aggressive treatment and the great care from his doctors and support staff, he did very well and he is now entering his fifth year post treatment.   We keep our fingers crossed,  as the five-year benchmark is always what we shoot for and we will be celebrating five years coming up in August.

I have written about his treatment in the past; as the caretaker, it was difficult to watch him go through his treatment and the pain it caused, but I can definitely say that I am very glad that he did get through the treatment and he is here today.

Luckily, as in my husband’s case, if caught  early enough the cure rate is around 80%. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this cancer and how devastating it can be and that simple measures can be taken to prevent it.  The team of doctors who  are working together to try and find a Cure started Manuary in 2010 to try to raise awareness for this horrible disease.

Awareness is key and we are trying to put a ‘face’ on it by sporting beards for the month of January. So…if you are interested in growing your beard for the month and joining us, Head on over to and register yourself and get your page all set up so that people can donate to it.  Or you could just simply donate directly to my husband’s page if you do not want to register. Any and all support is most appreciated! 🙂

This is his personal message:

“As a head and neck cancer survivor, Manuary is not just an important event, but also a very personal one.
I benefitted directly from improvements in treatment based on previous research. By raising money through Manuary, I can “pay it forward” so that diagnosis and treatment can continue to improve.
In addition, the money that I collect is specifically for research and awareness activities at LHSC. That means that I’m raising money for the very people and programs that helped me.
Like you, I get many requests from well-deserving groups for donations. My reasons for supporting Manuary are personal. You may find your own on the Manuary site.
I’d be both thankful and honoured if you decide to support this worthy cause.”

This year, Global Resort Homes has generously donated the prize to be drawn from the registrants who have earned entries. For every $250 raised by each registrant,  they will get an entry into a draw for a seven night stay at a luxury home in Kissimmee, Florida. Located just minutes from many of the amusement parks in Orlando.  So join us and earn a chance to win a great prize while spreading awareness.

You can learn more about Global Resort Homes here.

Global Resort Homes

So if you are male or female, please consider joining the campaign to raise awareness and hopefully we will see a lot of furry faces around in January!

Ladies, you can send in a photo and they will ‘beard it up’ or you can join in with a fake beard. Your support and awareness can really help get the message out.

You can join Manuary on their Facebook page.

Follow Manuary on Twitter.

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  1. This is awesome – my dad begins treatment on Monday for this exact cancer. We are really scared, but feel he is in the right place for the treatment he needs to get through this.

    1. I am so sorry to hear that (hugs). Please let me know if you need anything or would like to talk. The guys here are incredible, he is in the right place and will be taken care of very well. The reason we need funding and awareness is to make treatment better – so much has changed even from a few years ago when my husband underwent treatment. Thank you for sharing.

  2. That’s great that your husband has been clear for five years! What a relief and joyful that must have been when the day came.

    1. It is. He still has to monitor certain things – one of the reasons we like to give back by helping support #Manuary and raise awareness.

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