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My new Mac Mini – I finally made the switch!

March 5, 2015

I did it! After so many years talking about it, I finally made the switch. I am now a complete Apple girl- I finally switched my main computer over to an Apple product so now I have an iPhone and iPad and an Mac mini.

 Mac mini

My husband wanted to get me something that I would really need for Christmas, I needed (and wanted) a new laptop, so we went out and bought one. Unfortunately, it really wasn’t that great and it was just as slow as my old one. I wanted one that was lightening fast and this wasn’t cutting it. He mentioned that since I had been looking to change over to Mac at some point, I may as well do it now, so….I gave in. 🙂 [ It really didn’t take any arm twisting]

Can I say how happy I am that I finally gave in?

Not only is it lightning fast …it is so pretty!! Now, most people don’t buy a computer because it looks pretty but it doesn’t hurt. Mac makes their designs so aesthetically pleasing that you can’t help but notice it and like the sleekness.

Mac mini

It is a bit of a  learning curve as I can’t do some things the same way, but overall it has been pretty simple.  We also decided to get Office for Mac, I am just used to Office (makes it a little bit easier handling all my documents)…but the Mac comes preloaded with a range of software (Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote are all free tools.) that you don’t really need the Office package. Updating all the apps on the Mac are as easy as they are on my iPad and iPhone. There are so many things that I can do on the Mac that I couldn’t so on the PC ( or were a little harder) . Since I use my phone for all my pictures, it was hard to transfer them over to the PC, now they transfer very easily with iPhoto.  Editing Photos has also been much easier and faster. But as with anything new, it does take a little to get used to. I also love the convenience of having my text messages pop right up on my desktop – so I don’t always have to have my phone right beside me and don’t miss any texts.

After you’ve been using a computer that is very slow because it doesn’t have the power to do what I need it to do, going to something that is has a much better processor and more memory is amazing -it’s like night and day! It has been an incredible change, and so glad I finally made the switch.

Now, the only drawback is my husband works only with PCs, he doesn’t know very much about Macs…so it’s a learning curve for both of us. He was always my go to person whenever I had a PC issues (which always seemed to be a lot!). But it never hurts to expand your horizons!

Have you been thinking of making a switch or are you a dedicated PC user? I used to be…but don’t think I will ever go back, loving my Mac Mini!