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Glutino Foods and road trips

June 2, 2015

I love this time of the year… when the weather starts to warm up and everything around is green, flowers are blooming and gardens are growing. They other reason I love this time of the year?  It is so easy to hop in the car and not have to be worried about sudden snow storms ( although it has taken a lot of time for nice weather to stay this year).  Road trips are my favourite way to travel… I think it goes back to when I was a kid and my family and I would take great day trips to different areas around the province.  When we visited Italy, my family purchased a car and we drove around everywhere.  It was beautiful to see all the amazing landscapes and the architecture of that gorgeous country. That is what I want my daughter to experience … it is great being able to take a flight but actually travelling the country by car is an incredible experience!

Road trips also make it easier to plan meals, especially if you are gluten free.  Our handy plug in cooler is a must have for anyone travelling on the road.  It keeps things cool and will also keep things hot if needed.  I can pack a couple of days worth of food for meals in the cooler so that we can eat on the go and not have to worry about stopping to find something we can eat or about cross contamination.

 Glutino Foods

Of course… the essential snack for us on road trips are  Glutino Foods pretzels, { well, pretty much any of the Glutino snacks work} .  They are great to have to munch on in the car, and are easily packed – we purchase the really big bag of Glutino Foods regular pretzels at Costco, but the salted caramel are a real treat! I also like having some of their bagel chips and their snack crackers to have on hand to eat with either cream cheese. goat cheese or hummus and some veggies.  They make a great afternoon snack or quick lunch!

 Glutino Foods

So if we see a great spot along the road, we can stop and have our own little picnic before heading on to continue our journey, and enjoy the great sights along the way!

 What are your favourite foods to take on road trips?

Disclosure – Although I may have received products and or compensation for this review fro Glutino Foods, all opinions are always my own [and my family’s].



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  1. We don’t do gluten free but we try to eat well, mostly organic, so it can be hard to find on the road. We stock up when we can. Good thing we have a little fridge on the RV.

    1. Love that…keep telling my husband I want an RV! That is the ultimate way to travel! 🙂

  2. I love road trips. In fact we are leaving on one to Denver tomorrow! I think my daughter would love the Glutino salted caramel pretzels.

    1. She definitely would – they are so good! Addictive too! :/ Have fun in Denver!

  3. I love taking road trips and definitely having snacks is perfect, these look great, although I also bring a lot of not so healthy snacks to 🙂

  4. Glutino products sound perfect for those who need gluten-free. MY own favorite travel snacks are KIND granola-style bars, Kit-Kat candy bars, and peanuts. I try to have those on hand for plane and car trips.

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