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August 25, 2013

Seems like I am always doing laundry in our house; it used to be all kinds of baby stains, but I have to admit that out of the three of us, I am the one that makes the most stains right now.  Yes, I know… but I have a valid reason -I am either cooking or tasting, so it is a risk I take when making up the recipes to write my blog! 🙂 I do get the odd coffee and wine stains on there too – maybe I should start to wear an apron….

Some stains are tough, and they need a bit of extra care and resourcefulness in getting rid of them.  I know that I used to try all kinds of things to get things out.

One of the fastest and handiest tricks was to use baby wipes- for some reason, blotting the stain really well with the wipes [whatever they have in them – works ] would get most of, if not all of the stain out.  If there was a bit of stain left, I would use Resolve in the wash to get it out completely.

One night last week I had made a delicious Chocolate blueberry ice-cream.  I left it in the freezer a bit too long, so it was a bit too hard when I first took it out –as I was trying to scoop some of the frozen treat out into a bowl, a few of the ‘crystals ‘landed on my dress. However, I didn’t discover it until much later. 🙁  I went to my go- to, emergency quick clean up – baby wipes. It did get most of the stain out but not all, there was still a faint bit of a tinge of colour. Having chocolate and blueberry mixed up in a stain together really needed something else to get it out completely=>Resolve.

Tip exchange #ResolveTip

Just mix 1/4 scoop of Resolve Oxi-Action stain remover with 3/4 scoop warm water. Mix into a paste and scrub paste into stain, Resolve includes a clever scoop with nobbles on the bottom in order to work it right into the stain. Let sit for 5 or more minutes, then add the garment with paste into the wash as normal with other garments and add one scoop of Resolve Oxi-Action. And just like that, the stain is gone!

Have you ever had a really tough stain and finally figured out how to get it out?  Well, the new Resolve® Tip Exchange is a great site that has tons of tips for getting all kinds of different stains out and they would love to have you share your stain removal tip! So head on over there and share it – you’ll be entered to win 1 of 12 weekly prizes of $250 and a grand prize of $5000! What’s not to like about that? 🙂


*Disclosure: I am part of the Resolve® Tip Exchange Blogger Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”


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    1. I discovered by accident – always had to have them on hand for Alex – so decided to try them on a juice stain she had – have been using them since!:)

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