Spring Signals
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Spring Signals, Gluten free treats and candy lists.

April 3, 2015

Spring Signals

The Start of Spring signals so many things to me… Easter is one of them. I have many memories of Easter weekend being one of the first warm weekends of the year – where we would wear our new spring dresses and pastel coloured cardigans to church to celebrate Easter.  It was always something I really looked forward to because we would get our special Italian Easter eggs when we got back from church – such a treat!  Their bright, shiny packaging always revealed a huge, wonderfully delicious milk chocolate egg with a gift inside – they were such a treat to unwrap!

Growing up, my family didn’t have Easter egg hunts, we had our lovely eggs and different traditions. We did make sure we had them for our daughter – it was fun watching as she moved from room to room trying to discover where the “Easter” bunny had left all the treats for her. There were some that ended up being missed and found quite a while later …not the best thing! We carried this tradition on even after she learned who the Easter bunny really was…. it was fun. Being gluten free, we have make sure that all candy including the chocolate we get for any of the holidays is gluten free. Some is but not all, and you need to keep checking as they do change from time to time. Something that was gluten free may not be any more, and something that wasn’t may now be.
There are some great gluten free candy lists, make sure to check them out and if something is not listed check with the manufacturer.

If you are looking for a yummy and delicious treat to make – check out these easy Chocolate Peanut butter eggs – so good!

Spring Signals

Enjoy the long weekend and Happy Easter!