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Kathy Smart’s Delicious Gluten free Vanilla Bread Pancakes with Catelli pasta.

Kathy Smart is one of North America’s leading gluten free experts, a best selling author and TV show host; she has developed this delicious, pasta-infused recipe below – perfect for celebrating Celiac Awareness month coming up in May! Vanilla Banana Bread Pancakes Prep Time: 3 minutes Cooking Time: 4-5 minutes Servings: 4 1 cup (150 […]

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Special weekend morning treat with Glutino and chocolate.

I am part of the Glutino blogger program and am sent products for review. Weekends are my time to take it easy and have something a little extra special for breakfast.  With so many options available right now from Glutino, it makes it easy to get something unique and quick together for special occasions. Today […]

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Healthy Breakfasts~ #Gluten-Free

It is always important to start your morning off right, so having a healthy, power packed gluten free breakfast goes a long way.  After a long night of sleep [okay, let’s be honest – we don’t always get that!] our body needs to refuel.  Putting breakfasts that are full of sugar and carbs and loaded […]

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Comforting Gluten-free Cran-Apple oatmeal #Cbias #EqualCanada

I was looking forward to having a nice weekend to myself as my husband and daughter were going to go skiing up north.  Unfortunately, plans changed and I no longer had the weekend to myself.  Before the plans had changed I had decided I was going to try the Recipe for Cran Apple Oatmeal on […]

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