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Join us April 4th at 3pm ET for Ultimate travel experiences #Defineyourluxury twitter chat

March 24, 2017

Ultimate travel experiences.

Have you ever imagined a fabulous Luxury R&R experience while wining and dining in the south of France? Or enjoying access to A ticket events that usually involve celebrities milling about?

Well now you can!  Come find out more about the ultimate 5 day Cannes film festival travel experience for the 2017 festival – complete with backstage passes and parties and behind the scenes swankiness .

travel experiences
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Join us for the inaugural @TBINchat twitter chat on Tuesday April 4th at #pm EDT,  as we chat #DefineYourLuxury.

@TBINChat has partnered with Chloe Johnston,  a leading bespoke travel company specializing in unique, one-of-a-kind, high end, stylish luxury travel experiences for the discerning traveller. We will chat  about the Cannes Film Festival, the French Riviera and other fabulous luxury travel experiences Chloe Johnson has in store for you!

Tell us about your ultimate luxury trips and favourite glamorous locations.  We want to hear whether or not they have been inspired by some of Hollywood’s great cinematic locations or not…

Want to know more about Chloe Johnson? Head over to the site and check out some of the other fabulous travel experiences they have in store for you.


  • Wine Tasting and Gastronomy in Napa Valley and Sonoma
  • Exclusive Spa and Clinical Experience in Switzerland
  • Vintage Shopping NYC and Paris


travel experiences

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April 4, 2017


@TBINChat will start at the following time and run for 1 hour: Noon PDT; 3 PM EDT; 8 PM UK.


The hashtag to follow for this chat is #DefineYourLuxury

HOSTS: Please follow all accounts. 

Chloe Johnston Host:

Dawn Elyse Warden – @byChloeJohnston from


TBIN Member Co-Hosts:

Jaillan Yehia – @SavoirThere from

Viv Chapleo & Jill Hoelting – @WAVEJourney from

Howard Blount – @backroadplanet from

Me –  @RossanaWyatt from

Stay tuned … we will be posting the chat questions!

*Disclosure this chat is being sponsored by Chloe Johnston, however all opinions are my own.