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Collecting beach memories on our travels. #travel

March 11, 2015

This may not have been one of the warmer beach memories that we have, but it was still wonderful to be there and dip our feet into the Atlantic. Unfortunately, when we visited Florida this past February the weather wasn’t cooperating as well as we would have liked, but it was certainly a lot warmer than where we came from, and there was no snow. That in itself made me very happy, so even If the temperature was less than ideal, we hit the beach and had it pretty much to ourselves.

Surprisingly, the water  was really quite warm,  so it was quite nice to  feel the rush of the wave over our feet and legs. We had great fun just walking along the beach, collecting seashells and sea glass to add along to our collections of beach memories from other visits to other beaches.

Beach Memories

Do you collect little mementos as beach memories?