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The Beauty of Costa Rica

It has been almost 3 weeks since my brother and sister in law packed up and moved to Costa Rica.  I get daily photos through my FB feed … can I say how envious I am right now?  The sights and sounds, and apparently the smells are amazing… paradise in a word.  Here  are some of the shots she has sent  sent – the first is on the ferry ride over to Tambor – absolutely stunning, I am pretty certain that I would never tire at looking at this view. I am really trying to see where I can fit in a trip down there, hopefully soon! They are just in the midst of revamping the hotel and restaurant they are running, I can’t wait to see the finished product.  But for now, I can share some great photos of the area – absolutely beautiful…

Costa Rica Amelia

Can you imagine packing up and living here?  I can… 🙂

Costa Rica Amelia

Costa Rica Amelia

Costa Rica AmeliaCosta Rica AmeliaCosta Rica AmeliaCosta Rica Amelia

7 thoughts on “The Beauty of Costa Rica

  1. lori n.

    Well you only live once! I have never been but would consider doing this myself… convincing my husband is another thing.

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