Crazy weather

December 20, 2010

Well, we have certainly jumped into winter.  Just last week we were digging out of a fierce snowstorm and schools were closed for 3 days. Even the City buses were cancelled on the last day; you know it is bad when they are cancelled!

Being the bad mom that I am I sent my DD off to school (it isn’t that big a trek, our yard touches school property, I just hadn’t bothered to look out the window).  It wasn’t until I looked outside that I realized that there was a lot of snow!  A few minutes later, my DD shows back up at the door announcing that even if she wanted to go to school she couldn’t because the snow was completely covering the doorways to the school. I turned on the radio and I told DH that he would probably be working from home.

That went on for 3 days, by the 3rd day I was getting a little squirrelly.  I needed to get out and get groceries! Funny thing is that friends and family just an hour east of us had no snow, and here we were with at least 3 ft of the white stuff!

The kids had fun, no school for 3 days and they were having a great time playing out in all that snow.

It also made me appreciate this wonderful wired world we live in. DH and I were still able to work from home even though we didn’t leave the house to drive anywhere (he also go a lot of exercise in those 3 days shoveling all that snow).

Well, we got through it but it looks like we may see more of those days this winter.  Better make sure that I am pretty well stocked up most of the time (just in case).


I guess I should really be thinking about that snow blower too…

When was the last time you were snowed in?