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Happy 2011! Are you ready?

January 1, 2011

2010 flew by.  When I stop to reflect back on this past year I think of all the wonderful things that I have experienced.  I have met some amazing people online and off.  Many of the great relationships I have made were started online and strengthened offline, and vice versa.

I have learned so much in this wonderful social media world of ours, and hope to keep learning, it has been a fun journey.  Thank you to all the awesome people I have met along the way!

This year has also been a year of change for my family, we became stronger through dealing with DH’s cancer last year and DD is growing and changing into a young woman.

It is a  difficult time for all of us, [hormonally] but it has also been a very proud time for me as a mom.  DD can be an incredibly caring girl, who thinks of trying to make her friends happy and gets very worried and upset when a classmate tells her she wants to hurt herself; She also tries righting the wrongs when she sees them.  She didn’t cave to peer pressure when all the popular girls quit cross-country because it’s not cool for a girl to sweat, and she was excited about being asked to join the honours Orchestra.  This week she set a goal for herself to ski the hardest ski hill at the club. This is the first time skiing this season; she skied the 2 hardest hills today and was ecstatic!

(Now, don’t get me wrong, she is no angel and like any typical tween doesn’t listen, leaves stuff lying around, doesn’t answer when spoken to, can be extremely moody and grumpy and takes my stuff without asking, the list goes on) but, I am very proud of her.

If my daughter can set goals and accomplish them, then so can I.  That is my resolution this year –so my first goal this year is to make more time for me and take better care of my health and myself so that I can enjoy my family time more.

I have been eating healthier since being on a Gluten free diet, now I have to take it further.  This week I took the dog on very long morning walks instead of the usual short ones, did some snowshoeing and even joined DH on the evening dog walk.


My plan is to continue this so that my body will get back into shape and I will enjoy doing all the things that I used to and not be achy all the time!

So I am hitting the ground running [so to speak] and going to make it the  healthiest year I can!

What are your resolutions this year and what are you going to do? I would really like to hear!