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Getting a good cup of coffee while traveling with the Pascal Press Brewing System

December 11, 2017

Pascal Press Brewing System

Everyone likes a good cup of coffee. If you are anything like me, even when you travel you like to have a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning just after getting up…. I am not really a fan of the in-room brewers, the coffee never really stands out.  My first cup has to be good… it is usually the only cup I have for the day.  

This week I met with the inventor of the  Pascal Press, a unique patented flow tube brewing system that shortens the steeping time due to its pressurized pump and flow of the liquids through the grounds. This is similar to the way an espresso machine works but with less pressure; extracting more flavour in a short time.

Once brewed the coffee and the grounds stay completely separate so there is no over-brewing or bitterness, just the coffee flavour as it was intended.

Good cup of coffee

How It Works to Get a Good Cup of Coffee

A first glance, the Pascal Press looks similar to a french press… but that is where any similarities end… The brewing time is shorter ( less waiting), there is no over-brewing or having to try to figure out how to take your grounds out to prevent bitter coffee. And best of all, you get a great cup of coffee!

Watch the following video describing the way the system works.


The Pros of a Good Press

I tried the Pascal Press, and it does make a very good cup of coffee – but the important thing here is … it is a cup that is consistent from the first sip until the end with no bitterness.

This one is a big bonus for me > I am always rushing out the door with a few things in my hands, and it is nice to actually be able to put the mug inside my purse…. you can with confidence with the Pascal Press – the mug itself is spill proof! No more coffee spills inside my bag!

I also tested to see how long the coffee stayed warm compared to my regular mug…. It actually stayed warm for 3 hours ( both tested with a full cup of coffee)  – my other one barely made it at 2 hours. So … if you are one of those people that tends to finish their coffee over a few hours, this is another reason to like the Pascal Press.

The Cons

The only things that I can say are a negative (and not really a negative)…. you have to test the amount of coffee used a bit to get the exact ratio for your own taste, so you may have a little bit of taste testing to find the right ratio.  The pump is also a little difficult to push at the beginning but with continued use, it gets easier ( coffee oils help make the lubrication easier).

My Opinion

This is a great system for anyone, but I love the convenience for travel… and getting the coffee you love even when away from home. You can take it with you while out on a tour for the day, and you don’t have to worry about the grounds until you get back to your room for the evening.  Clean up is quick and easy and it is ready for the next day.  

Know a coffee lover who would love this as a gift ( after you buy one for yourself)?

Well, I have a great treat for you.  I am giving away one Pascal Press for one lucky reader, but you can also order one for yourself with this special promo code and get 10% off once you go through to check out.  Make sure to order before Dec 19th to ensure delivery for the holidays.

Enter below for your chance to win a Pascal Press, open to both US and Canadian readers.  

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*Disclosure – I received product and/or compensation for this post, however, all opinions are my own.

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  1. I love how its compact and perfect for traveling – would love to include this in my carryon for my upcoming trip to Norway!

  2. This would be great for my trip to/from the gym in the morning- I always want some coffee when I go but I never finish the cup- and having warm coffee waiting would be awesome!

  3. This would be great for road trips or longer drives when seeing friends/family. Even my spouse could use at work. Lots of uses

  4. I woyld most likely be using it at the rehab where my husband has been since his stroke it august. The therapists are fabulous. The coffee? Not so much!

  5. Hubz and I, coffee lovers, like to take weekend short trips every chance we get. This would be awesome to have along with us!|
    Mary Beth Elderton

  6. Love it……because i love a great cup of coffee and so does hubby. We would use this all the time. Have used a French press for years so familiar with this style of coffee maker and this thing sounds amazing, even better than a French press, easier, faster, what’s not to love. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome press!!!!! Happy holidays to you and yours!

  7. I love it I would probably get a couple to use. I dont like my coffee like others do. I like mine strong ! So having something like this handy at home and or work would be great !!

  8. I would love to get one of these for my husband who would use it at work,though I really want one too! This thing looks so awesome and easy to use. Courtney Hennagir on rafflecopter.

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