Daily adventures

Hello world!

July 23, 2010

Finally started!  Welcome to my adventures in a gluten free world. I started my journey last summer after many years of dealing with IBS.  After reading and researching, I thought that I would try going Gluten free.  I know, they always tell you NOT to start on the diet until you have been tested.  I didn’t believe  that I was Celiac, but I felt that the diet itself would help the stomach issues that I had.

Within a couple of days I was waking up without all the previous aches and pains that I had  just thought were part of getting old.  It felt great!

Shortly after that, my 11yr old daughter started complaining of severe stomach pain after every meal – this girl was a serious carb queen!  I asked her if she wanted to try to go on the same diet I was on; I was surprised that she actually said yes, she wanted to try it.  I didn’t think it would be easy for her considering how much of a carb queen  she was.  She did really well and stopped complaining about her stomach pain. She has actually started eating voraciously, it is great to see her enjoying  her food.

One of the great things about being Gluten free is that it has brought me back into the kitchen, baking and cooking again. Yes, it can be difficult at times but when I think of how I would feel otherwise, it makes it easy.  It has been fun exploring new recipes and modifying old ones.

I look forward to sharing these with you.