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I’m going to the Shes Connected Conference!

September 24, 2011

So many great things happening in September and October.

On Sept 15th, I was fortunate to have helped bring the 1st #140ConfONT to Canada along with an amazing group of people. It was a wonderful day full of stories, laughter, tears and hugs.  It was a day of sharing, caring and of meeting new people. A day that definitely  needs a post of  it’s own.

I am also lucky to be attending  the Shes Connected Conference on Sept 29 and 30th in Toronto, an invitation only conference where 200 of Canada’s most digitally connected women will be gathering together to meet share and talk with some amazing brands.  Through out the summer Shes Connected held a couple of Twitter parties to get the momentum building for the conference, they had an amazing attendance, were loads of fun and they had some fabulous prizes to give away.  I attended both parties and was lucky to win a $500 gift card from BestBuy during the first party. I was excited!! So was my DD – she had her own plans for it.

I received my gift card in the mail last week and we sat down to figure out what we were going to get – I wanted a netbook so that I could take to the conference and DD wanted Ipod accessories.  So we made a trip down to our local store the other day – We looked at so many things but we had to finally decide – here is what we went with- these are the items I bought for me, we were also able to get my DD some new ear buds for her Ipod and the Glee WII Karaoke.  It might just help me improve my singing! 🙂 Well, we can hope!

My new netbook - it's a Samsung, and it was a great price!

Looking forward to bringing my new netbook and the Flip video camera, and not having to carry my heavier laptop to the conference! Thank you Shes Connected and Donna Marie! Can’t wait for the conference and the fun, so excited to meet more amazing people and reconnect with others!

I am also excited to be attending the Blissdom Canada Conference in Toronto in October, a social media conference for women, by women, in Canada. I will talk more about Blissdom in another post.  I am a lucky girl!

My new Flip Video camera - now I will get to do some Vlogging and get some great videos at the conference! 🙂