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So what is a #MILFF Twitter party?

September 6, 2011

This Friday is going to be a fun night!

An amazing woman I know and met on Twitter, @HollyPavlika is holding a Twitter party. You can check Holly out here: BigFuel,  she is kind of a big deal there. If any of you follow me on Twitter – you may have seen the #MILFF hashtag thrown around – no, it doesn’t stand for that!

Holly started using the #MomsILike2FollowFriday Hashtag instead of the regular #FF or #FollowFriday Hashtag a while ago.  It was unique and fun, and it was her way of spreading the #FF love. It caught on and at some point it was shortened to  #MILFF, we have come to sort of expect it on Fridays and I have even used it myself.

Well, the reason for the #MILFF Twitter party is to celebrate Holly hitting 5000 followers! 

So come and join us as we have all kinds of fun, there are some pretty nice prizes too!

You also get the chance to nominate your favorite MILFF using #MILFFqueen as the hashtag and a short reason why. The #MILFFQueen will win a $50 American Express gift card courtesy of Mom-entum and Big Fuel.

Friday, Sept 9/11 9pm-10pm.   Checkout prizes here

Hope to see you there! 🙂