Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere

Revisiting the renovated Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel in Puerto Vallarta #weVisitVallarta

September 16, 2016

I have sometimes been accused of being a creature of habit, and … well I am!   When you find something that you really enjoy, why not experience it again if you can?  

On a recent press trip back to Puerto Vallarta, I was excited to learn we would be staying at the beautiful Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel & Romantic Getaway , my last visit there was  March of 2015.  Since then,  the hotel has undergone some renovations. Many of the regular rooms are much the same, but they have made great changes to the main areas including the lobby, spa, pool and restaurant areas, as well as some amazing additions to some of the suites.  

Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere


Paradise at the Villa Premiere

One of the things that have not changed… The impeccable service and catering to your every need. From the minute you step foot into the hotel, they begin to pamper you; you have arrived in paradise.  You are handed a lovely glass of champagne as you are led to the reservation area to check in.  While you wait for your room, you are treated to a much needed shoulder massage after your day of travel. Along with the welcome glass of champagne, in your room you will find another lovely treat…

The rooms remained pretty much as they had been… spacious and nicely laid out, with fresh colours of white and aqua throughout, still echoing the feeling of relaxation and tranquility they had before. The views in all the rooms remain spectacular… I can’t imagine you can have a bad view from any of the rooms as they are all facing the Bay of Banderas.  They have however upgraded the suites substantially… we were able to tour  through a couple of the recently renovated ones.  I have to say that they have done an incredible job with them, they are quite lovely! The luxurious, tranquil theme was followed throughout all the suites. The end suites have an incredible corner view with a hot tub that would be a honeymooner’s paradise! You definitely would not want to leave this room….

They also offer special touches in the room, (robes and slippers and a turndown service that leave you nightly goodies) along with a well stocked mini fridge that is replenished daily. 

Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere

Luxury all the way

Shortly after you reserve your room, the Villa Premiere asks you to fill out some of your preferences in regards to pillow or scent from a menu as in the image below. Pure luxury! And still one of the most comfortable beds I have slept on!

Our press group were quite literally the first guests staying in the Villa Premiere after opening back up; they were still busy putting on the finishing touches in some of the areas and the staff worked tirelessly overnight to get it all done for the following day. The lobby area is much brighter and the furniture more contemporary; brightly coloured artworks hang on the walls and the air is filled with a lovely scent as you walk through it. And of course you can’t miss the never ending smiles of all the wonderful staff.

Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere


The Little Touches

Some of the dining and restaurant areas in the Villa Premiere have also been renovated with some beautiful touches… the flooring in La Ceiba has been redone with a beautifully coloured tile, as is the floor in the new floor above La Ceiba ( it was still being finished when we left). Cannot wait to dine there when I go back again, the views from there will be spectacular while dining!

Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere

Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere

The have installed a new bar area and added a lovely covered deck behind the bar area where you can sit and enjoy the beach while getting some respite from the hot sun.

Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere

La Carona remains the same sophisticated elegance as before.  The whole kitchen area has also been redone, as we toured through I was taken aback as to how pristine and shiny everything looked! Always love new appliances, even if they are not my own!

Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere

The entire Spa area has been moved to the 2nd floor, the moment you step into the Spa you are transported to a serene and tranquil environment perfect for soothing the soul and taking all the aches and pains away.  I was invited to try one of their services, but had to change my  selection at the last minute as we were being picked up earlier than had expected and would not have time to enjoy the full treatment ( which you really need to do!). That just means I have to go back! ( I did however have a wonderful head and shoulder massage that helped to get me relaxed for my flight.)

Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere
Want to join me?
Puerto Vallarta Villa Premiere

The last time I was at the Villa Premier, the food was outstanding… and it didn’t disappoint this time either, it was all so good!  Make sure to catch my next post on dining at the Villa Premiere.

It could just be me, but one thing that bothered me while I was there ( or was not used to)  was not having a clock in the room… but it could have been part of the plan to get you to relax. Because when on a holiday, time shouldn’t be an issue….

*Disclosure: I was hosted by Puerto Vallarta Tourism Board and the Villa Premiere Hotel, however all opinions are my own. 

PS… I am heading back there late October so will have more info on the rest of the renovations! Yes… I am a creature of habit. 🙂

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  1. Wow, the Villa Premiere certainly looks luxurious. The water looks inviting and being right on the sand is a big plus. I cannot wait to visit Puerto Vallarta.

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