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Road trip checklist #travel

June 11, 2017

Road trip checklist

Road trip time… summer is just around the corner, the kids will be out of school soon and it is the time we all start planning out what adventures we will be taking this summer. Holiday trips comes with many different modes of travel. Some will take long awaited flights to other lands across the oceans, their families excitedly preparing and packing for the adventures that await.  Others, will take that annual extended road trip they have been talking about all year, or planning out their daily routes on their day trip adventures. Whichever it is, there will always be planning and lists involved.

Road trip


Whether you are heading out on a day trip or an extended road adventure… there are certain things that have to be done before you  even start your journey.

Get your car in and get it serviced, oil checked and changed or tune up etc.  So it will be in top shape while on the road.  Of course unforeseen things can happen, but if you are prepared there is less likelihood of that happening.


Again, whether a day excursion or an extended road trip,  plan out the best routes.  If you are on a long journey, make sure to stop along the way at scenic spots to take in the scenery and views.

CAA and AAA both offer great trip planning routes.  If you are a member you can get a triptik to help you plan stops, fuel  and accommodation along the way.


Most people pack for extended road trips, but even on a day trip the weather can change if you are out the majority of the day. So it is good to make sure you have some warmer clothing to pop on in case it does cool down, especially at night.  You never know when you may want to stop along the way, to try to catch a glimpse of the night sky full of stars – also covering up offers some protection from those nasty biting bugs that are out at night.

Whether you are heading for a day at the beach or longer, sunscreen and bug spray are two definite must haves.  Always make sure there is always water available in the car as well – need to keep hydrated even if you aren’t exerting yourself. And who can forget extra snacks; sometimes finding that right place to eat takes a little bit longer than you would like…. snacks will keep everyone happy and satiated until you do find the perfect eatery.

Stopping along the way is a road trip must, but if you can use the stop to enjoy the scenery along the way vs spending the time inside the restaurant, even better.  A plug in cooler really helps those extended road trips, you can prepare and pack sandwiches, salads etc for them to stay cool and edible until ready to eat.  You can then enjoy meals in the car  (not great while driving, so switch out once someone has eaten) or, at a picnic stop along the roadway, without wasting travel time looking for a place to eat, and waiting for your food.

Last, but not least….make a road trip play list – can be a life saver on a long road trip and it can also create fun bonding times and memories singing along to some favourite tunes!

Happy road tripping!


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    1. Hats are great to have to put on during the stops you make. Can never leave home without that bug spray!! 😁

  1. We had a rental car in the USA for a the Lincoln Highway that would not play my iPod which was a great shame as I had compiled a playlist for the trip

    1. Oh no… I always take along a little plug in speaker just for that purpose… they are great!

  2. Great checklist for road trips! I agreed to always pack warmer clothing. Recently we went to Waterton National Park and didn’t realize that the place was so windy and cold. We regretted not bringing winter jackets with us.

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