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June 27, 2014

I have been a long time customer of TELUS and more than any other company I have been with, TELUS is great at showing their appreciation for my loyalty. No matter what I called about,  I have always had great service and they go out of their way to help, these guys do communication well! But they also do so much for the community and are always finding ways of giving back.

I have been fortunate to work with them on several wonderful community and environmental initiates this last year including #givewherewewlive and Weday.  But as I said earlier, it isn’t just the communities that Telus is giving back to…. they  find great ways of giving back and saying thank you to their longtime loyal customers; they really care All this  further solidifies my admiration for TELUS as a brand  who gets it, and knows that their customers have gotten them where they are, and in turn  show their customers that they do appreciate them.  They also have a great corporate culture where the employees actively enjoy participating in many of the community initiates they are involved in, and help Telus give back to the community.

TELUS  believes that a simple thank you can go a long way. And while it would be easy to send a text or reach out with a quick call, they  believe that some thank yous are just better shared in person. With this in mind, TELUS gave loyal customer, Ramona (who loves aviation),a big surprise to thank her for being such a great customer for almost 20 years . Take a look at what they had in store for Ramona.

Be sure to watch more here  and subscribe to the TELUS YouTube channel so you can stay up to date with all the incredible things TELUS is doing!


What an amazing gift! There are so many things that I would want to do if I had the opportunity; like Ramona, I want to fly…but I think  it would be so incredible to go up in a hot air balloon with my family. Would be such an amazing experience being so high above everything and being with the people I love the most.

TELUS truly cares about the communities where we live, work and play. Putting customers first is a top priority and part of that is listening to their feedback and thanking them for their loyalty. This focus on customers guides everything they do, from our Give Where We Live philosophy to the  Customers First days, where senior leaders interact with front-line team members to see what customers want first-hand.  Ramona’s surprise was just the beginning.

The TELUS Care-a-Van team is rolling into town this week with a host of events and activities that will be taking place all week long to specially thank TELUS local customers and the Guelph community.  TELUS is literally performing everyday acts of caring all over the Guelph community throughout the week. As part of this, they are  donating $5 to the Guelph Children’s Foundation for every use of #actsofcaring. So let’s get the message out and use the hashtag!

  • They are  going door to door to the homes of their top 100 customers to thank them personally with a care package – a small token of their appreciation.
  • They are  hosting a free BBQ lunch for their top 1000 customers and their families at the local TELUS store.
  • They’ll be presenting a cheque to the Guelph Children’s Foundation in the amount of $5000 – in response to all the uses of #actsofcaring. Donald Woodley (member of TELUS Board of Directors) will join our celebration to present the cheque.

I am proud to be a loyal customer, and love that Telus is recognizing their customers and supporting great community initiatives like they do. How you would like to be recognized for being a loyal customer? If you could do ANYTHING for one day, what would it be?

“Disclosure: I am part of the TELUS Grand Gestures Campaign and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.”


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  1. This is such a nice campaign that Telus did! I am with TELUS currently, and love their customer service.

    1. Yes, they have great customer service, have been a customer myself for years! 🙂

  2. We’ve been loyal customers of Telus for years now! I love their involvement with the community!

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