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Winter Blahs

February 26, 2011

Ok, I am seriously done with this winter. We have had so much snow this year; I am tired of digging out of it! We also don’t even have anywhere to put anymore if it falls!
Our neighbour [with a snowblower] likes to put all his snow on one 6×8 foot section of boulevard at the end of the drive with a tree on it. The snow bank is at least 10 ft tall right now; it is very hard to see getting out of our drive. Even with the short thaw we had, there is still tons of snow on the snow banks!

I know, everyone who skis is reveling in it now. I just can’t get the up the same enthusiasm that they have- enjoying the feeling that my feet are numb and my fingers are so cold that I can’t even move them.

You see I believe that I am allergic to winter. I find I get moody, tired, get headaches and am just not an all round nice person to be around when I have to put on so many layers of clothing just to get out to the end of the driveway.
And the driving… I have had to cancel more plans because of the threat of a snowstorm than I would like, I feel like a serious homebody sometimes.
So apparently according to the groundhog, we should have another 3 weeks of this stuff left. I, for one will be counting down the days.

Last Friday’s beautiful weather was a serious tease, especially since we have had a few other snowstorms since.

I am waiting with great anticipation for the weather to warm up and stay warm. How about you, have you had enough of this winter?

This is more of what I had in mind This is more of what I have in mind... image courtesy of photobucket