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Apple chips – #glutenfree yumminess!

April 2, 2014

It’s not always easy trying to find great tasting nutritious snacks to have whenever we want that are not loaded with carbs or calories. A while back I found some apple chips that I quite liked – apples are certainly a healthy alternative to regular potato chips, and they satisfied my craving.

One of the things we always have on hand are apples… so I thought what an easy snack for me able to copy without having the buy them all the time.

For those cravings that I have every once in a while, I can just grab some apple chips and I don’t feel as guilty as if I were having real chips. They satisfy my craving for something crunchy and they’re also slightly sweet, so they satisfy that craving at the same time -so takes care of two for one, that’s not bad .

Here is my version – apples and cinnamon to me go together more than anything else, so I like to add cinnamon to mine, but I am sure that you could probably add whatever you like to these for your own twist on it. Apple Chips

I used a mandolin to slice up the apples so they sliced very thin but if you don’t have one you can just slice them, they may be a little bit thicker and may take a little bit longer to get crispy- ( crunchy) if you like them that way.

The apples I normally buy are gala, I am sure that it would not be much different for other types of apples and they are interchangeable. Just a slight change in sweetness mainly. I bought some red delicious this week to see of there is a change in the taste or the amount of baking time required – different types apples may have different water content so some may not be as crispy as others.

Apple Chips

Pre heat oven to 225 degrees
2-3 good sized apples(Red Prince, Gala, honey crisp )
Ground cinnamon
Wash apples well, you can core them or leave them as is if you prefer. Just remember to dicard seeds if you don’t core them. As I mentioned I use a mandolin, so it slices the apples up very thin, if you slice yourself they will be slightly thicker and will take a bit more time to crisp up. Try to slice them as thin as you can.
Arrange on baking sheet in one layer, sprinkle with cinammon and flip to sprinkle other side. Bake for an hour- flip and bake for another hour to hour and a half.
Turn off the oven and let the chips cool down in oven ( continues to dry them out). Place in sealed container to store [if they last that long! ] . 🙂

Apple Chips

Let me know if you try them and what apples you used!

Apple Chips

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    1. They are so good – slightly addictive 🙁 but they are much better than chips! 🙂

  1. These sound so tasty and simple! I can’t believe I haven’t tried my hand at making these before!

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