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Best gluten free meal I didn’t have to cook!

April 8, 2014

I do like to cook and I like to experiment; that may be one of the reasons I never really had a problem going gluten free.  I experiment a lot! Needless to say, my daughter has been around and helped with many things, so she has been along on the experiment journey.   She has helped with the prep etc and has done some of the cooking [ she also makes a great omelet  and an amazing gluten free tiramisu, but she has never done a complete meal from start to finish. ]  One of her goals this year was to make us a really nice gluten free meal  [ not mac and cheese].  We have tons of cookbooks [ not all gluten free] and as with anything on paper she comes in contact with, [she is an avid reader and gets consumed by reading] she is constantly going through them and picking out recipes that she would like to make.  Considering how much she has done in the kitchen, she was quite adventurous in picking out recipes [something I need to nurture more]!

 Last week she announced that she was going to make dinner and gave me a list of items she would need from the grocery store to cook the dinner.  I picked up all the items on the list that we didn’t have and looked forward to the outcome

 She decided to go with a couple of recipes in Michael Smith’s “Fast Flavours” cookbook, I was actually surprised she picked both of these as she is not the most adventurous in  eating – the one stipulation that I had was that she had to eat everything she made and not just ‘try’ it.


The recipes she was making were the “Apple Chicken with Rosemary Vanilla chutney” and “Garlic roast potatoes with spinach salad” .

 Saturday came and she started all her prep for both the salad and the chicken and made sure she had all the ingredients available that she would need up front- I asked if she wanted my help with anything and she said ‘no, she had it all under control’.  My baby really is growing up – feeling of sadness and happiness at the same time.

I poked in and out – mainly so I could get some pictures, but she handled everything very well.  And the meal…absolutely delicious – I went back for seconds of salad and scooped a little of the delicious chutney that was left over.  I was definitely satiated after that meal, it was so good! And I am so proud of my little girl [she hates when I call her that, but she will always be my little girl].  I am looking forward to more dinners to come but for now here are some pics of the delicious meal for you.



You can find the recipes on pages 55 and 194 of Michael Smith’s ‘Fast flavours” cook book . This cookbook is not a gluten free cookbook, but many of the recipes found in it  contain ingredients that are great for making a gluten free meal.

 *Disclosure, I won this cookbook along with others a long time ago – I did not receive any compensation for this post. I only recommend products or services I use personally, and believe will be good for my readers and they will enjoy. 🙂

 Here is a great tip from Michael Smith that may help many who covet pans.  🙂

2 Pots / 1 Pan from Food Country on Vimeo.

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  1. I love Michael Smith! It’s great that your daughter is getting a headstart in the kitchen — I think cooking is an important skill for all kids to start cultivating early.

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