Celiac awareness month

Celebrating Celiac awareness month

May 4, 2015

Celiac Awareness Month

May is Celiac awareness month; there are many events going on this month to help you understand celiac disease, the risks involved with the disease and to help encourage you to pursue screening if it is suspected before starting a gluten free diet.

If you have just  been diagnosed and are just starting out on this journey, it can seem a little daunting…but, there are many great resources available and many amazing recipes to try. Contrary to what some people may think…you will not have difficulty finding great foods to eat!

Starting Out

The simplest way to start is to eat all natural, whole foods and you cannot go wrong.  Well… need to add a disclaimer in there – as long as there is no cross- contamination along the way.  That is the single biggest problem we face! It just takes one little slip up and we can experience a whole host of symptoms that we see and some we don’t, but are happening.

Most people have  fruits and vegetables along with regular chicken, beef, pork and seafood without additives in their fridge. These are all naturally gluten free and can be eaten without any problem. It is what is added, and the preparation process that is important.

In this post I go through some gluten free facts to help you on your journey.  I know, it is hard to live without some of the things you  are used to… but there are some great companies out there making some great products to help you make gluten free eating as a way of life.

Glutino gluten free options

Glutino foods has been making gluten free foods since 1983. In 2004 they combined with Gluten Free Pantry® and expanded the Glutino family.  In 2012 they joined forces with Udi’s Gluten Free Bread® and became a part of Boulder Brands. They are the number one brand of bread my daughter loves the most, and we all love their different varieties. I know that I can depend on them to make a consistently good sandwich that doesn’t fall apart; and if you are a serious pretzel fan …. their gluten free pretzels are truly addictive!

Celiac awareness month


*Disclosure – Although I may have received products and or compensation for this review, all opinions are always my own [and my family’s].

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  1. My favorite are the chocolate sandwich cremes. The texture is different from an Oreo, but the taste is just about the same.

  2. We love so many of them: the chocolate cake mix,the double chocolate Brownie mix, the fluffy pancake mix, muffin mix, chocolate chips cookie mix, etc… They are so delicious!

  3. I haven’t tried a Glutino product I haven’t liked yet but I do love the pretzels, great for snacking, dipping in chocolate for entertaining, crumbled up and used for coating, so much more! Not only are they amazing but very versatile if you use your imagination!

  4. For a University girl on the go who’s also working, Glutino has been a life saver for having snacks! The pretzels are my favourite for that.
    But the double chocolate brownie mix is so good! Especially with peppermint icing 🙂

  5. My favourite Glutino product is the pie crust-works really well, freezes well, fridges well.

  6. I enjoy a LOT of Glutino products, but right now, my favourite is their Lemon Wafers – so light and delicious.

  7. I haven’t tried any yet, but I’m sure I would love the chocolate cake mix


  8. I love glutino’s pretzels, their dark chocolate wafer bars, and their lemon wafer cookies! I’d love to try their crackers but they may have dairy in them and I have a wicked dairy allergy.

  9. I actually have never tried these products before – but am always looking for new and better gluten free ones.

  10. pretzels! Our whole family eats them even though only 2 are celiacs. Wheat pretzels are blech in comparision to glutinos!

  11. Love the pretzels!!! There are so many it is had to pick a favourite, but yeah the pretzels.

  12. We love the Glutino pretzels and also the crackers that are like soda crackers. My little with CD always says they’re “like normal crackers”

    1. The great thing about Glutino is that they have so many great products! I am addicted to there pretzels and their bagel chips, but as I mentioned – a whole all natural diet is the easiest and safest way to go when first starting out. good luck!

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