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Romance and magic in Puerto Vallarta #PVpresstrip

May 14, 2015
Romance in Puerto Vallarta

As couples, we often look for a place that we can escape to and enjoy some relaxing and romantic time together.  If you haven’t been to Puerto Vallarta yet, you definitely should make a point of adding it to your list as a perfect paradise for couples ( and for solo travelers as well)!

Whether you are just starting your life together on your honeymoon, want a romantic getaway or a looking to renew your vows, Puerto Vallarta has so many offerings.  The Villa Premiere and Spa Hotel where I stayed, is an adult building  (no one under the age of 16).  It was lovely to see so many couples lounging around the pool and enjoying themselves and their time together.  In the evening the tables are set around the pool for dinner and lit by candlelight – absolutely magical and very romantic!

Malecon Boardwalk

One of the must do’s is to take a lovely walk along the Malecon boardwalk ( their downtown area) and experience the beauty and discover all their gorgeous sculptures, as well as the rich history of the people, told throughout the figures embedded in the walkway. And of course, cannot forget to capture one of the gorgeous sunsets!

Puerto Vallarta

Stroll along the cobblestone streets and come upon beautiful doors and gorgeous architecture that take your breath away. What is truly lovely about this area is that you can enjoy walking around without the worry of cars, this entire area is just for pedestrians and they also have free wifi.

Watch while some of the local seaside artists work on their sand sculptures along the beach or capture the amazing performance of the Voladores de Papantla, dressed in their beautifully colored costumes circling 100 ft off the ground!

Pop into some of the lovely shops and galleries along the esplanade and see some of the beautiful treasures the local artisans have in store for you.

Puerto Vallarta

If you walk further along, you can walk past the main square to the beautiful Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe and her crown, and marvel at the beauty of the architecture and history.

The Malecon has to be one of my favorite areas aside from the beach; I enjoyed the early morning walks as the area was coming to life as much as I enjoyed the walks at dusk when it was winding down a bit.  Truly a magical place any time of the day!

Tequila Tasting with flair

If you are in Mexico, you must try the Tequila, not like any you have tasted at home!  We enjoyed a great evening with the Viva Tequila Experience. The experience starts with a tour of Puerto Vallarta and some of its famous icons in a trolley bus to some areas of the city – my favorite was the Zona Romantica. The architecture blew me away – it was all so beautiful! After the city tour,  we were escorted through the Viva Tequila Museum and through the process of how Tequila came to be in an interactive and sensory tour. This is followed by a live show where we were entertained by the colorful dancers retelling the story through dance by mixing their roots and folklore.  The evening ends with an educational tequila tasting – amazing how much you can learn about tequila and how to spot the differences. After all this, you become an Experienced Tequila Taster, getting an Award of Official Recognition granted by a Professional Taster.

Puerto Vallarta

An experience to remember

Another wonderful experience is the Rhythms of the night, an enchanting evening at the secluded cove of Las Caletas, a beach hideaway with a captivating performance & dinner.

The boat cruise there is quite fun, the entire crew is wonderful! We had the pleasure of being entertained by cruise director Victor and his crew…they kept us laughing and made sure that we were all well taken care of on the way there and back! The sun setting on the water and the shimmering lights scattered along the coastline make the journey very romantic as well. As we landed, we were welcomed by beautiful mermaids, and an ethereal like sculpture waving in the wind; the soothing music beckoning us to the main area as we were guided down the torch lit pathway. Truly magical!

Puerto Vallarta

As the show starts we see the stories of an ancient civilization as told through live music and modern dance, they transport you on a magical and mystical journey through time. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures of the performance, it was beautiful and a must see.  After the show we had dinner, the buffet is beautifully lined with steak, chicken, fish and different salads and vegetables as well as authentic tortillas and a lovely looking dessert selection.  As I had to make sure all of my meals were safe for me to eat, (buffets are not always the best option as cross contamination can happen a lot)  Victor, the cruise director asked the chef to come out and speak to me.  He asked what I would like to eat and suggested how he would prepare it especially for me. They were wonderful in accommodating for my dietary needs and the food was very good;  I even had some delicious dessert that was gluten free! I cannot say enough about how well taken care of we were. The time to leave came too fast… we headed back along the torch-lit path to our awaiting boat and crew for the magical journey back as we passed the shimmering lights of the coast along the way. It was an incredible evening!

We enjoyed a couple of truly wonderful experiences thanks to Visit Puerto Vallarta Tourism.  Have you been looking for a magical place where you can get away to on a romantic adventure?  Puerto Vallarta should be on the top of your list!

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  1. How sweet to see your take on visiting Puerto Vallarta. I’m a big fan too and was on the same trip but did several different things in town (and out of it.) Would love to return.

    1. Too bad we missed each other… were you there in March? Or just this past month? I love the city, such a beautiful area in and around! 🙂

  2. Love PV and haven’t been there in decades. So tempting to return with your wonderful write-up and lovely photos.

    1. One of my new favourite spots – need to go back and do some of the other stuff I missed! 🙂

  3. I think the food, culture and people of Mexico are magical—and loved our visit to Puerto Vallarta!

  4. I have never been to Puerto Vallarta, but after reading your article and looking at your gorgeous photos, I am adding it to my future travel destination list!

    1. You really must Marilyn, and the people are wonderful – didn’t want to leave!

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