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December 21, 2013

In just a  few short weeks (February 7th to be exact)  the XXII Olympic Winter games will start. Around here, we all get excited about watching the Olympics, both winter and summer games!  The opening ceremonies are always spectacular, one of the things on my bucket list -> being at the opening ceremonies of one of the Olympics. You just never know…

Having so many different countries and cultures gathered in one place and feeling the collective energy  would be just incredible. We get to see the parade athletes as they come in to the arena on tv and see the pride on all of their faces, but it would be such an incredible feeling to be there and really feel all that energy and pride in the arena at the time.

Our Canadian athletes work very hard, and it makes me very proud to see them accomplish what they have,  and to see the pride they have in representing our country. I love supporting them and cheering them on whenever I can.

Favourite Events

Our favourite sports to watch around here are the Skiing and figure skating events (my family is a skiing family) even my husband loves to watch the figure skating events with us. Can’t wait to see some of my favourites like Tessa Moir & Scott Virtue, Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford , Patrick Chan,  and up and comer Kaetlyn Osmond.  I am already making plans to make sure I don’t miss the Ice Dance on Feb 9th at 7pm [will have to check if that is local our time or Russia time!] Either way, I am excited and plan on making our favourite snacks and gathering in front of the TV! We even have our collection of Canada shirts ready to put on to cheer on our team.

Yoplait is also a proud supporter of Team Canada, Yoplait brands like Yoplait Source® and Yoplait Minigo® are ready to cheer on our Canadian Athletes! I am really happy to see companies like Yoplait supporting our athletes in all their efforts so that they can go on and represent us, and focus on being the best that they can be while we cheer them on from home.

Do you have some favourite events you like watching?

Something special…

To help you get your cheer on and get ready for the Olympics,  I have a great giveaway from Yoplait. One lucky reader will have the chance to win an Olympic prize pack valued at over $100 –  other blogs will also be hosting this contest and you  can enter across multiple blogs, but you can only win once.

*Disclosure: I am part of the Yoplait Canadian Pride Campaign with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Yoplait Canadian Olympic gear

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  1. I love watching figure skating, my kids love to watch the downhill skiing, thank you for the chance, incredible pack ! We will be cheering on Tessa Virtue & scott moir 🙂

  2. I love watching figure skating, will be cheering on Tessa & Scott since they are from my area!

  3. I like to watch figure skating in the winter and gymnastics and diving in the summer. I dont follow sports enough to follow a certain athlete. I just cheer for all Canadian athletes.

  4. I love to watch the figure skating, but never know who’s actually competing, so no one I’m following in particular.

  5. I like watching short-track speed skating, luge, bobsledding – anything that isn’t usually on TV. I like the Hamel brothers (I think that’s the name).

  6. I watch figure skating but generally not the live events, as it makes me too tense. I watch the re-runs after the fact (once I know hoe they’ve done). I can’t bear to watch the skaters I’m rooting for fall down, and they generally do :0 I’ll be hoping for Tessa and Scott to not fall down.

  7. I don’t have any specific athletes that I’m cheering on but I love watching Hockey, figure skating, skiing, and speed skating.

  8. Winter Olympics are awesome, I love figure skating, hockey, snowboarding, luge…Oh they are all SO fun to watch! Cheering on Tessa & Scott!

  9. I love figure skating and I have a lot of favorites there but Tessa & Scott are at the top of my must watch list

  10. I love the entire thing-I watch pretty much non-stop when it’s on. People know not to call me or expect meals on time. *laughs* I am one of those DIEHARD fans of the Games. It will be exceptionally nostalgic for me watching the Sochi Games because I was a blue jacket here in Vancouver in 2010. It was THE BEST time of my life!

  11. i love hockey, so the entire team Canada team. Also, I love figure skating so Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. I love those two!

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