Gratitude and Trust

Do you want to go to the Gratitude and Trust Summit in NYC? #GratitudeTrust140

June 16, 2015

Gratitude and Trust

This June 24th, Jeff Pulver will be presenting the Gratitude and Trust #140 summit along with Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson.  It will be an emotional, inspiring and uplifting day filled with motivational speakers and panels who will be sharing their experiences and ways of moving forward. This is a conference whose core is about shedding old worn out habits and replacing them with new, healthy, productive ones.

This conference is for anyone who has tried time and time again to get a handle on their addiction (coffee, sugar etc.), compulsive shopping or negative thought patterns. It is for those who feel stuck in their job, their relationships or in their life and are searching for a way to get unstuck.

The opening affirmation of Paul and Tracey’s book states “ Something Needs to Change And It’s Probably Me.” – this is something applies to many of us – we just don’t always know where to start.  This conference will help you get started on on your way to getting the life that you want now.

Do you live in the NYC area?  Have you wanted to visit? This is the perfect opportunity to go and experience something that will change the way you see things.

The price for the event for the day is $120.  you can use the code: jp25 and save $25 off but as a special treat, one of my lucky readers will win a free ticket to the Gratitude and Trust 140 Summit. Just enter into the rafflecopter below, I will be drawing the winner before the conference.

*Important – this giveaway does not cover transportation to/from or accommodation while in NYC – it is only good for entry to the Gratitude and Trust Summit.
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  1. My sisters have suggested that I attend something like the Gratitude and Trust Summit in order to get in touch with my feelings.However, I can’t help thinking that ignorance is bliss. 😉

  2. In a time of so much racial hatred and violence in our country gratitude at a macro level is hard to come by. I’m grateful for my own life every day but as an overall emotion it seems to be getting more difficult.

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