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Exploring a world of imagination and creativity with Imaginary Friends. #KeepReading

June 19, 2015

Reading has always been very important in our family… I used to read for hours at a time – still try to find the time to sneak away and get lost in a great book… my daughter is the same. She devours books, and prefers the feel of the hard copy in her hands. But more and more kids are spending less time reading and more time playing games on digital devices.

Perfect combination

Enter Imaginary Friends – Bringing stories to life for your kids. It integrates the fun of digital with storytelling, and combines  two important aspects of childhood, imagination and reading. The adventure kits paint stories and have behind the scenes activities that help you child become part of the story  – how cool is that, to be a part of the story you are reading?  It attracts the attention of all kids, even the ones that are not big readers… this will be sure to get them excited about reading and involved in the storyline as well as understanding it.  It is also wonderful for family interaction as you have to take part!

Imaginary FriendsMore than just a book

Each Adventure Kit comes with a printed book of your choice divided into  7-10 chapters aimed at 8-12 yr olds,  along with an activity you can hide in the real world like puzzles, secret notes and ideas – all so you can create an amazing interactive adventure for your kids.  There are also some extra ideas so parents can enhance the adventure.

The adventures begin when the parent logs in and personalizes the stories for the child, that in turn triggers the interactive and real-life activities which the parent participates in as well.

“I’ve always been making up stories with my kids,” says Evan Jones, creator of Imaginary Friends and founder of Stitch Media. “And I wanted to build an adventure kit we could work through together.”

KickStarter Project

Imaginary Friends is project on Kickstarter right now.  If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter ,  It is a great new platform to crowdfund for special creative projects.  If people like a project, they can pledge money to make it happen. A deadline is set and if the funding is not met completely by the deadline, then it does not receive any funds to move forward.  It is an all or nothing initiative; that means that you have the power to help make something happen!

The  last full day of the  Imaginary Friends Kickstarter project is Friday, June 26th. Each ‘pledge’ is a pre-order for a ‘reward’. Choose the reward you’d like and enter your credit card – you won’t be charged unless they hit the goal and ship the reward! Help make this project a reality ….even if you don’t have children, but see the rewards of the project you can become a member of the advisor Community. Your feedback will influence the future of Imaginary friends and you can help them choose the next story! Currently the Kickstarter campaign is $11000 short of its goal. The Kickstarter campaign site explains what you get when you contribute to the program. Some rewards include free books and a year of free Imaginary Friends adventures.

Try out a FREE sample of Imaginary Friends today!  (2 chapters and a scavenger hunt you can print at home.)

Make sure you visit the Imaginary Friends website to get your free downloadable Father’s day cards as well!

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    1. It can and this gets the more reluctant readers involved too! Fun for everyone! I love that it is also available world wide!

  1. How cool is this?! That’s great that they offer something for kids! I will let my family that have kids about this 🙂

    1. Thank you! So appreciate it – it is a wonderful project and so wonderful for kids!

  2. Kickstarter has really taken on a life of its own. Great to see fun projects like this on there. I loved reading as a kid and taken that with me.

  3. This is a fantastic way to teach kids how to indulge in reading…I’ve loved books since kindergarten and I believe it made me a lot richer as a person…Great cause.

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