Flying: the top 6 things I think about when I travel. #travel

November 18, 2015

Unless you are in first class or business class, flying is never that comfortable.  I like to take a few things along that make it a little easier and more comfortable for me when I am flying.   

Seat Selection

Flying Solo – I like to know where I am sitting and alway try to check what seats may be the best  through, they have most of the configurations etc for the airlines as well as a comfort rating.   I used to swear by the window seat ( mainly because I like to make sure that if I am still eating my meal they are not cross- contaminating it by passing bread etc over my meal).  On one of my last flights, my seat mates did not get up at all! I kept waiting for them to get up so I could use the washroom at the same time… I finally gave in and asked if they could let me out. So the window seat may seem great but… from now on I will take the aisle, sitting for 4 hours and over is not good for anyone, especially on a flight.  You need to get up and walk around a bit every couple of hours.  I made sure to change the return flight to an aisle seat.   

Flying with Family makes it easier unless the flight is booked up – so you may not always sit together, booking early and getting seating as soon as possible can help secure seating.  If one of the members needs extra legroom, you can always opt to pay a bit of a premium but then you are guaranteed legroom and more comfort. Beware that many airlines charge for early seat selection on domestic flights now. 🙁


I am a little anal about this one… I am that person that carries alcohol swabs and disinfectant (spray & wipes) everywhere I go.  Countless people have flown in the same seat, who knows what they have touched, with what!! … They don’t disinfect between flights – there isn’t time. So as soon as I am settled in my seat, I take out one of my disinfectant wipes and wipe down the tray and around it, the arm rests and the seat belt buckle. Then I feel a little more comfortable and ready for the flight.


Long haul flights (cross Atlantic) tend to offer meals on board included in the price of the flight.  If you have special dietary needs make them know at the time you are booking your flight, most airlines can accommodate for this. However, airline food is not always the best (unless you are flying first class). So I always make sure I bring plenty of snacks (protein bars etc.) and a special dessert treat for me. When I order the GF meal, I never really know what I am going to get, but they still haven’t quite gotten the dessert part down, although the fresh fruit is nice.  On my last flight, the “breakfast” meal consisted of a very dry, not so tasty muffin.  So I also bring a baggie with some GF oatmeal and ask for some hot water in a cup and some milk and I am good to go.

Staying Hydrated

This one’s a biggie, and also the cause for having to get up and get to the bathroom but also has to be done.  It helps combat some of the jet lag feeling as well as being essential to you in many ways.  Keeping hydrated also helps keep some of that moisture in your skin ( air cabins are very drying) but it also helps combat that fuzziness and tiredness you feel when you are dried out.  I know it is tempting, but try to stay away from or have very little alcohol when flying as well. You will be doing yourself a huge favour! Also,  make sure to have a water bottle with you, either an empty one you fill past security or purchase one once you get past security.  You will be happy to have it while waiting for the beverage cart to come back around, the crew can only get through the entire plane so many times.  I also use a nasal spray during the flight ( it helps keep me from feeling stuffed up during the flight).  as well as having something like blistex to keep my lips from drying out as well as some gluten free hand cream. This is one of my favourites and it is gluten free:   EOS Evolution Of Smooth 6 Hand Lotions

Cabin Temperature and comfort

It goes without saying, you need to be comfortable during a flight, but I wouldn’t be wearing sweats to attain that.  I like to dress in layers… that way, if I am warm I can take of the top layer and still be comfortable. :). I usually try to wear a long sleeve t shirt and Jeans ( jeans are heavier and take up more space so I tend to wear mine so I don’t have to pack them) and a cardigan.  I will also have a scarf with me but don’t normally put it on until I get past security as I will have to take it off before I go through. My “scarf” is more of a pashmina, that I can wrap myself in if I do get a little too cold as it does happen on the flights, and they do not always hand out blankets or you have to pay to get one.  I also like to make sure I bring a travel pillow with me – I like the inflatable ones- they take up a lot less space and can be inflated/deflated in a couple of minutes.  That way I can sleep, and I won’t end up with a kink in my neck, which isn’t the best way to start off a holiday.  To help cancel out some noise, I bring ear plugs with me, I prefer the silicone ones that mold perfectly to your ears.  I also bring along an eye mask, it helps block out anything else in case I want to try to get some zzzz’s. I also have a problem when the plane is ascending and descending ( I have short eustachian tubes , so the pressure cannot be dispersed properly leading to a great amount of pain) they have earplugs that alleviate some of that, I swear by these: EarPlanes® 5 Pair VALUE PACK.


Travel gadgets

Only some domestic flights offer wifi, but even fewer international flights offer it and there is a premium for it if they do.  If they do offer it for purchase, you can check it out here through Gogo. I always like to have my iPad with me, whether to catch up on some reading or to catch up on posting offline.  My WordPress app allows me to write posts and have them ready to publish once I am connected to wifi.  I always like to make sure I am powered up, so I make sure I have my power plugs, as well as battery packs in case the flight I am on does not have a plug at my seat. [Not all planes do! 🙁 ] I also like to bring my own ear plugs – just make sure you don’t forget them before you get off!



Of course, there are more things that you may think about when flying, but these are my top ones, what are some you have?

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    1. Sadly, they are… 🙁 That is why the first thing I do is wipe everything down, also use a kleenex/wipe to open the bathroom doors – just in case… you never know! Drinking water is a good thing!

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