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Travel made easier with CIBC Foreign Cash Online

November 28, 2015

Travel is essential for me

No matter where it is, I love to explore …. it revives me!  I just came back from a week in Europe; it was wonderful, albeit far too short.  🙁  It also felt shorter because I was so rushed just before my trip.  I had actually thought about cancelling. The last month had been spent  back and forth to the hospital in my home town to be with my father at his bedside; then we had the visitation and the funeral. It had been a very difficult month.

So, needless to say… I wasn’t really prepared in any way to go on the trip I had booked months before. I did have the flights booked… but I  was scrambling to get ready for the trip in time. My husband said I needed to go, that it would be good for me… but there were so many things that had to be done. Luckily I didn’t have to worry about my passport, but I did have to make sure I could order the foreign cash on time that I would need to have on hand.  I also needed to get 2 different currencies as I was travelling to both England and France. This did add a little more pressure to what already felt like a crunched prep time! 

Paris travel 4


Travel Travel

Travel As you can see from the photos, I had a wonderful time exploring, but I wish I had known about the convenience of CIBC foreign cash online before I left. It would certainly have made my pre trip preparation much easier and a little more stress free!  It would have been one less thing that I had to schedule ( reserving)  and make time for ( going to the bank, waiting in line to get the cash). I did get everything done and I had a great trip, but would it would have been nice not to feel so pressured for time just before I left.

Next time, I will be using the CIBC foreign Cash online service to cross off one of the crucial items on my travel prep list!

Making life easier

CIBC foreign Cash online is a convenient service that allows you to order the currency you need online before you travel, and the best part… it’s delivered free, straight to your door or your branch, anywhere in Canada. It can also be picked up at the Toronto Pearson Airport location (T1 international departures, post security) before you take off!

Existing CIBC clients can use the Foreign Cash Online services through Online Banking, by clicking “Order Foreign Cash” from the left hand navigation pane. This experience is fully integrated and allows clients to order within a few simple clicks – even better, their exchange rate is locked in as they purchase! Their bank account is debited immediately, and they can get it delivered to their home, Toronto Pearson Airport and any CIBC branch in Canada. Delivery time: Two-to-three days for most urban branch/home locations and three-to-five business days for most rural locations.

Non-CIBC clients can also order Foreign Cash Online via CIBC’s eCommerce portal This eCommerce solution provides non-clients with the same number of currencies, the only differences are that you pay via credit card and delivery options include home and Toronto Pearson Airport. Delivery time: Two-to-three days for most urban branch/home locations and three-to-five business days for most rural locations.

CIBC Foreign Cash Online works to provide customers with innovative and convenient ways of ordering/receiving their foreign currency. CIBC is the only financial institution to offer this complete suite of delivery options: with CIBC Foreign Cash Online you have access to up to 75 currencies representing 90 countries. Whether you are a CIBC customer or not, using the service is easy and you are all set anytime you need foreign cash!

Fabulous Contest:

The CIBC Foreign Cash Online Contest is open to entries until January 31, 2016.  Enter the contest for a chance to win  $1000 CAD.  (no purchase necessary – complete rules and regulations on contest site.).

CIBC believes in simplifying banking and travel for Canadians who don’t get a chance to visit the branch or are pressed for time. Now, you can get foreign cash delivered right to your door. Talk about smart! When you think travel, think CIBC. Banking that fits your life!

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*DISCLOSURE: This post is brought to you by CIBC Foreign Cash OnlineTM. All thoughts, opinions are my own.