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Gluten Free vacation with @GlobalResorts #Globalresorthomes

January 8, 2014

Gluten Free Vacation

I love to travel, but whenever  we vacation and stay at hotels we always have to check if the hotel has a restaurant that has a gluten free menu or offers a gluten option, or if there are restaurants in the area that offer  gluten free options so that we can have a fun gluten free vacation.

This past November, my family and I had the pleasure of staying at one of the global resort homes near  Orlando florida.  We had seen pictures of the house before we arrived, but they did not do it justice. We were completely taken aback as we stepped through the door, all of us were amazed- we may have been a little bit tired after driving all day, but as we made our way through the house and all the rooms,it was one surprise after another and then…we walked out onto the patio with the pool and the spa. It was perfection!

It was incredible and of course,  my husband and daughter had to get into the beautifully warm pool. it was such a nice relaxing experience after our long drive and oh so welcome.  It was the perfect start to our vacation.

Gluten Free Vacation- Global Resort homes

 The best thing from my point of view…. the kitchen. It was fully stocked with dishes,  glassware & cutlery – everything needed to get us through our stay. The staff of global were great to have stocked us with  some fresh fruit, coffee and some muffins for my husband. After a restful sleep the first night. I got up to a beautiful day, a bit cloudy but warm . I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to get up and make coffee and have my regular bowl of fruit for breakfast out on the patio by the pool!

Having driven down, we brought a plugin cooler with us, so we were able to bring some food with us and didn’t have to stop along our trip very often. I didn’t have to run out to the grocery store first thing, but I thought I would see how long it took to get there- it was not even a 10 minute drive from the resort.  I chose the Publix, although Target is right across the street and there is a Walmart a little further down… The Publix had a great variety of gluten-free options and great prices. I stocked up on more fresh fruit  and vegetables, as these are my staples and purchased some meats for dinner for the next couple of nights to prepare on the barbecue.

It was really the best experience possible, it was great to be able to have a nice leisurely breakfast with foods that I prepared and knew wouldn’t be contaminated. We could run around all day, take some snacks or lunch that I had prepared with us and then come back for a lovely swim in the afternoon and refuel before going back out again. Then we would come back to the house to have dinner at night  without ever  having to worry at all about cross-contamination and getting sick during our vacation.

Some great treats!

Another wonderful treat we had while we were down there … I found the Pillsbury gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and the Udi’s French dinner rolls  at the grocery store- we have not found those here in Ontario, so being  able to have them and enjoy them while we were on vacation was amazing. Unfortunately, now I am seriously missing them and I’m looking to find them somewhere here! May have to make a trip across the border!

Gluten Free Vacation- Global Resort homes

If you are planning any kind a trip with your family to Orlando and anyone has any type of food sensitivities  or allergies,  I highly recommend renting one of the homes from Global Resort Homes where you can stay in comfort,  and have control over your meals and enjoy your vacation thoroughly! perfect for a gluten free vacation!

As always whether you are in your kitchen or someone else’s you do need to take precautionary methods in food preparation,  but that is something that is still under your control when staying with Global Resort Homes.

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*Disclosure: I received a complimentary stay with Global Resort Homes, however all opinions reflected on this blog post are my own.

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  1. What a great way to travel if you have a food allergy of any kind!! (and of course even if you don’t)
    Your video is fabulous and now all I want to do is hop in the car and drive to Florida!! Look out Global Resort Homes, I’m coming!

  2. We’ve stayed in Florida through this company, and the experience was wonderful! The process was so simple, and the house was perfect!

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