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Grateful for the opportunity to #travel

January 4, 2017

Grateful for 2016 …. 2017, I am ready for you!

Looking over this past year, there have been many great moments; there have also been a few sad moments… some tragic passing and some great disappointments, but we were still able to get through the year, and for that I am truly grateful!   I travelled more than I thought I would, but still not enough for my desires… not sure if it will ever be enough to satiate me; but I am very grateful and so lucky to have experienced what I have. I did not get to all my bucket list items for the year… but can add them to the next along with a couple of others.

Impact Travel

I was fortunate to travel to DR with Fathom travel and participate in Impact travel, as well as going on my first cruise.  What a fabulous way to do it! I am saddened that Fathom will no longer be offering the cruise to the DR after June of this year, if you get a chance to go… you should. Unbelievable experience giving back and enjoying the country and cruise at the same time… and the food ( you will just have to read about it here).


Visiting Miami again after several years was wonderful; such a vibrant city with amazing art and fabulous beaches… Wynwood Walls is a must visit, just to experience the art and culture of the area.  So much talent and creativity… everywhere an explosion of colours and patterns.


Revisiting the Past

Vancouver was home to us for quite a few years, and I miss everything about it… One of the things that I discovered being away from it for so many years, is how much I need to be near mountains and water.  Vancouver has both, and they are spectacular.  Seeing them again after so many years, made me realize how lucky I was to have been surrounded by the incredible landscape that is part of British Columbia.



As Canadians, we sometimes take for granted how truly beautiful our country is and what it has to offer.  Travelling along the sea to sky highway again to Whistler and seeing  the spectacular beauty along the way brought back many wonderful memories of our time there.

Our favourite road trip

During the early winter months and summer, we had interspersed getaways to the Collingwood/Blue Mountain area.  The whole of Georgian Bay is a great ski and snow activity area, but it really shines in the summer.  It gives me the mountains and the water surrounding that I seem to need to be near.

Back to my Happy Place

In the fall, I was very fortunate to travel to Puerto Vallarta in September and October and work with their tourism board; I stayed at a couple of my favourite hotels, as well as discovered some more of its hidden beauty and magic. I have said this many times.. But Puerto Vallarta is my happy place! 🙂

Staying close to home

In December, I visited the Christmas Market in Toronto for the first time. What a fun place to visit… on the day we visited, there was a big storm so it was a little colder than I would have liked but we still enjoyed the market, the carollers and all of its fun and intriguing stalls. If you have a nearby Christmas market, they are always fun places to go and pick up some unique Christmas gifts.

The year came to a close in Collingwood, with the first family ski of the season, heading back home just before the end of the year and getting caught in the snow storm on the way home…. It can be so pretty when it is snowing, but can be very dangerous driving.


I am very fortunate and grateful for all the people I have met along the way and the new friends I have made, along with the incredible experiences I have had.   

Looking forward to what 2017 will bring…every day will be an opportunity to learn, grow and experience.  


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  1. Incredible year, especially getting to know your own neck of the woods and some tourism work!

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