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Having a Gluten Free birthday

November 1, 2010

My daughter had her 12th birthday party last Saturday,  I thought it would be a nice idea to have the party at the Potter’s Guild in the studio so the girls could make some pottery.  She had a very different idea.

I don’t like having parties at the house because I hate the cleanup afterward,  I prefer to pay someone else to do it, at their place.

So… she decided that she wanted to have a  Wii party with 6  of her friends here at home.  I told her that I would prefer to have it outside the home, but that it was her birthday and we would go with the party here.  Then she decided she wanted to have different stages of the party.  Everyone would be here for the games, pizza and cake and some for a “spa treatment” after.  She also wanted to have 3 girls sleepover.  I stopped her there and told her she had to pick one [she has had a few multi sleepovers before and they have not ended well],  especially for me!

So, off she went to plan all the activities.  She had all the games planned, the list of props needed, and her guest lists for the different stages. She even designed the invitations – she is a very creative little thing when she wants to be.

All I had to do was get all the Loot bag items, make the cake [gluten-free of course] and call for the pizza.

It all went pretty well.  The girls had a great time playing games – it was hard to pull them away when the pizza came.  Luckily, the pizza place made a gluten-free version as well as regular pizza.  I had pop for the girls who wanted it [it is hardly ever in my house unless for a special occasion].  My daughter had milk [yay].  Luckily, she is a very health conscious eater.

The girls enjoyed the pizza and then it came time for cake and ice cream .  I warned them that it was a gluten-free flourless chocolate cake the was not super sweet but was a definite chocolate lovers indulgence.  Everyone wanted to try it,  one of the girls even scraped the plate clean!

There was only one girl who didn’t even try it – apparently,  she doesn’t  like cake.  Then it was time for the presents, she was spoiled she received some great stuff!

Parents came to pick up the few that were leaving, and the ones that were left started their spa sessions.  The girls were having so much fun, they didn’t want to leave when parents came to pick them up.

My DD and the girl who was sleeping over changed into their pjs and curled up with popcorn to watch ” Beverly Hills Chihuahua” .  All in all, it was a great night and I didn’t have a huge amount of clean up.

My kind of party!