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Feeling great after the holiday…

October 14, 2010

It is so nice to sit down to a meal and know that I can  enjoy it completely  without having to worry about whether or not I will feel stomach pain later in the evening,  wake up feeling like I drank 4 whole bottles of wine without having enjoyed them, or be in a lot of pain from all my swollen joints.

Most people think that turkey can’t make me sick.  Well, it can.  There are actually a few companies that dust their turkeys [or at least they used to] with flour.  This is supposed to help seal in the juices.

Turkey is usually stuffed, what is stuffing usually  made of?  As soon as it comes near the turkey, I am done.

So,  we did not do the big family thanksgiving.  We had a very nice quiet thanksgiving with just our little family and it was nice. It was also very tasty; albeit not calorie or fat reduced but it was gluten free!

My daughter helped me make her favorite pumpkin cheesecake, and helped me with the stuffing [gluten free of course] the vegetables and the turkey.

Most fresh farm turkeys are gluten free, but the butterball fresh turkeys are as well.  The gravy had a great flavour,  I am still trying to perfect a gluten free version.  I will try corn starch instead of the gluten free flour next time.

The nicest part of it [besides the eating] was that I was able to spend more time in the kitchen with my daughter.  She is growing up so fast,  she is ready to help me do more than make desserts. Although, making desserts will always be her favorite thing.  Some day, not too soon, she will be preparing a holiday meal herself.  Hopefully, she will remember these times fondly, as will I.

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  1. Rosanna,

    I have some great recipes I have used over the years. Sean was Gluten free since 3 years old until about 3 months ago. I could try to compile these for you since he seems to be ok now without the gluten free diet.

    Brenda Hoffman

    1. That is so sweet of you Brenda. I always like to see new recipes, although I am not one to always follow them to the letter. Thanks! Look forward to seeing them. Has Shaun had any discomfort since he is back on a gluten diet?

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