Holiday prep with Glutino Foods

December 16, 2015

Holiday Prep

Holiday time is filled with family and friends and great food.  I love having snacks and cookies on hand for when people drop by or to take along when visiting during the holidays.  It is especially important as both my daughter and I are gluten free and the host doesn’t have to feel bad about not having anything that we can eat available.

Glutino Foods makes Holiday prep so much easier… the great holiday mixes are perfect for getting some lovely cookies made up to have ready, and I love all the snack options that are available to pull some tasty and nutritious snacks together.

Nothing makes a great quick snack, whether it is for friends dropping in or just a quick bite after a long afternoon of shopping than a lovely charcuterie.  Glutino Foods bagel chips and crackers are the perfect addition to have with the cheeses and meats.


Special treats

Another huge favourite around here for snacks are all the Glutino Pretzels. A special treat at this time of the year are the Peppermint yogurt covered pretzels… as with all their other pretzels, they are  very addictive! Serve them along with a bowl of Marshmallow creme dip and they will disappear before you know it! Warning: BIG SUGAR RUSH…  you “may“  need to just put out a small serving of these.


We love our cookies around here, and they never seem to last… so it is nice to have a couple of boxes of the sugar cookie mix on hand to be able to whip them up quickly. The Glutino Foods sugar cookie mix  is so convenient and fast, and the cookies are lovely and moist… too good to be honest.  I will certainly need to get exercising before the New Year…. Split the dough, add  couple drops of red food colouring, chill for a bit then roll small of amounts  of both batter into thin strips, twist around each other to make candy canes – remember not to thick… they spread while baking.


Here is a quick recipe for the marshmallow dip above.

Marshmallow dip

¼ cup cream cheese

10 jumbo marshmallows

Combine both in a glass microwaveable bowl, heat for 30 sec ( depending on microwave power)  stir until blended together and marshmallows are melted ( may need to place back in m/w for another 10-15 sec., careful can be hot) stir until no further lumps.

Place in a small bowl and serve with the Peppermint yogurt covered pretzels.

What are you favourite holiday foods?

*Disclosure – Although I may have received products and or compensation for this review, all opinions are always my own [and my family’s].