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Travel bucket list, what’s on yours?

January 3, 2016


As I reflect on the past year, I have been very lucky and blessed to have traveled to some of the places I did; some were with family and some were solo. But all were incredible, and fulfilled some of my wanderlust. You can check out some of my travel photos here. I have a constant need to travel, experience and learn from new adventures. As this new year begins, I find myself making travel plans for this coming year, and am excited as to what the year will bring.

In our sights

We are planning a family vacation to Western Canada later this year, but before then members of our family will be going to Greece,  New York, Chicago and Puerto Vallarta and Costa Rica to name a few. Looking forward to revisiting some favourite spots in the US and experiencing new adventures in other cities and countries as well.  


Places I would like to go

I will always have a bucket list of places that I want to experience. If I am lucky enough, I will visit this year… if not they will hopefully be experienced  next year.  Some of the places I would love to visit?  Quito is a city I would love to experience ( and not just because of the chocolate, although it is very good! ) Cannot wait to explore the “culinary destination of the Americas” or stand in the middle of the world and see one of the world’s first UNESCO heritage sites… the history and culture that it holds.

Travel Bucket
Image courtesy of Quito Tourism

Switzerland is another country that is on my bucket list…and not just because of the chocolate either ( although it helps);  it is a place that I have imagined visiting for many years. One of my favourite childhood books was Heidi, and I have always wanted to visit the country that inspired it.

travel bucket
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It is no secret that winter is not my favourite season… but somehow seeing it from one of the mountain villages in Switzerland would be incredible and so inviting! Taking in the breathtaking influences of the countries that surround it.. experiencing the Alpenglow of the Swiss Alps, the crystal clear lakes, majestic castles, a picnic in the mountains and then hitting its incredible cities to view the amazing architecture…  definitely something I am looking forward to!

I will never get enough of Italy… it has been way too many years since I was there last and need to revisit; the history, culture and the food! It is one of the best places in the world to be gluten free!  But aside from that – the history and the art are what pull me there.  The beauty of the architecture and the incredible landscapes…as well as wine and food tasting.  Just a few of the many things I want to do while there.

Travel bucket
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What is on your go to list for this year?


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  1. Hi there. It sounds as if you have a great year ahead – have fun on your travels. We’re also heading to Costa Rica in April for a few months and then to England and Italy. Anne is gluten (as well as preservatives) intolerant and we were encouraged by your comment that Italy was a great place to be gluten free. Any advice you have would be appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year! Tim & Anne

    1. Hi Tim and Anne, Wonderful… you will love it in Costa Rica ( from what my brother says, I get daily updates)… and it is still a great time to go during April. Have not been to Italy since I became gluten free but because a higher percentage of Italians are Celiac, they are very familiar with it and the restaurants know about cross contamination. Ireland is another…. I was just in London in November and was surprised at how easy it was to dine and find many great gluten free items. Happy New Year, safe travels and enjoy!

      1. Thanks for the response. We love Costa Rica as well and have been several times. It is encouraging to hear that Italy and London are both have good gluten free awareness and options. Cheers, Tim & Anne

  2. We haven’t even started planning our travel for the new year. Right now our bucket list item is to finish our next book, but after that… Hawaii, since it would be Veronica’s 50th state, New Zealand, and who knows, maybe Antarctica since that would make all seven continents for us.

    1. Ohh those sounds exciting! Wonderful news about the book… something that is on my bucket list to do some day… Happy New Year and safe travels!

  3. I too want to return to Italy this year and want to go to Puglia to experience a region I’ve never explored before. I’m off to Panama this month and Iceland in February (nuts, I know) but need to figure out more plans. Looks as if you’re off to an exciting year!

    1. That sounds fun… oh I would love to visit Iceland at some point, sounds like you are off to pretty exciting year as well! Safe travels, enjoy!

  4. Italy is on my list every year – I can’t get enough of it! And I want to go to Switzerland as well this year, and to take in neighbouring Liechtenstein. But first I’m off to New Zealand…

    1. New Zealand will be amazing… I can see also see why Italy is on your list every year! 🙂

  5. I started to see a (chocolate) theme in your post! Switzerland stuck out for me as I LOVE it there. The mountains, the fresh air, the scenery. Too bad the price of travel there is very high! Your plans sound wonderful and like everyone else, I love Italy, but have to say, for me, it will always be France. I’m looking however, at Croatia in the summer and maybe Nepal in the Fall, but I can’t “rough it” anymore. Just too old for that!

    1. Hehe, yes Janice…. I am slightly addicted to chocolate… :/ Loved Paris when I visited this year but would love to travel around France. Your travel plans sound amazing, but I can totally understand the not roughing it! 🙂 Have fun!

  6. Switzerland is stunning – both in summer and winter. And as you’re not a fan of winter, you could always go to a village with a glacier and get the beauty of the snow capped peaks with lovely sunny days. Perfect for if you’re not all that into winter sports. I would highly recommend a village called Saas Fee (I lived there for 4 months) – its your quintessential chocolate box village with lots of activities including a revolving restaurant at the top of the glaicer reached via a funicular train!
    Sending positive vibes for you to achieve your travel goals this year 🙂

    1. Ooh… thanks for the tips~ Sound spectacular! Thank you and I hope you do as well! 🙂

    1. I know right… but it has been way to many years since I was there last! And yes, can’t wait to taste chocolate in Quito! 🙂

  7. So many places, so little time! Have yet to visit Switzerland but we did travel to Italy on a cruise, was beautiful! India is definitely on my bucket list, hopefully next season! Safe travels in 2016!

    1. Oh that must have been amazing Robert! I am looking forward to visiting india during the Holi festival some year. Hope you make it soon! Safe travels as well.

  8. A fabulous list and love the “chocolate” theme 🙂 I have Chicago, Cuba and Barbados on mine this year and hope to visit some UK cities during the year too.

  9. Great article! And don’t be ashamed if it’s all about the food! Haha. My list this year is pretty short actually- Vietnam and Cambodia! I live in Japan right now so there’s a lot of travel happening here at home. Next years list is the big one though! I’m moving back to the UK in September so next year is my European year for sure! Italy is definitely up there for me too- my brother just went there on his honeymoon and I am so jealous! I also want to do the big cities- Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon!

    1. Very exciting for you! Are you ready to move back? What a place to go for your honeymoon… so romantic and beautiful!

      1. Pretty much ready. I don’t want to leave, but I want to go somewhere new; so I think it’s a good time! And I totally agree about Italy – it’s always been my number one dream destination!

        1. A change can be a good thing and going somewhere new can make a huge difference. Yes, been so many years since I was Italy… looking forward to visiting again soon! Enjoy all your upcoming destinations…. places I have yet to visit! 🙂

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