#Holidaymode, will you take the @Telus challenge?

December 17, 2014

I admit it, I am one of those people that you usually find glued to my phone because of everything that I do with social media. I know that I have to find more time away from the phone -something I am going to try to do. Did you know …in a recent TELUS survey this year, it found that Canadians are twice as likely to be on the phone around family and friends (82% ) versus when they’re at work (40.6% ).  That is a huge difference!

We do take for granted the time we are with loved ones and tend to think  that it’s okay to be on the phones while we are around family and friends. so we miss out on some special moments and real connections. This year TELUS is asking Canadians to get into holiday mode, unplug and embrace real face time moments with love ones. Technology has the ability to connect us wherever we are and whatever it is we are doing – whether it is working remotely or traveling …but nothing can replace that face-to-face human connection that mean so much especially during the holiday season

Are you ready to take the Telus holiday mode quiz to find out if you are a smart phone Scrooge or a texting Tiny Tim? Go ahead, take it and let us know…where do you fall?


And if you don’t know how to unplug =>Telus has put together some great tips and tricks on how to unplug successfully for the holidays. So go ahead – make a public declaration to unplug and stick to it,  make it a game or challenge with friends – see who can unplug the longest. Don’t forget to share using #holidaymode.

I am definitely going to try and unplug for the season- join me,  so we can all enjoy the holidays face to face, and connect in real life a lot more!


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  1. Great post – it is VERY true that so many of us (myself included) are glued to our phones… It’s important to disconnect sometimes; esp during family functions!!

  2. Christmas Day all phones will be shut off for the day and the excuse that it is also a camera is not going to work. We have a camera that is not “connected” so we can use that. We all need to unplug from time to time!

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