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Apple and Camembert make a great gluten free sandwich combo

December 27, 2014

Turkey has become such a central focus of the holidays that sometimes it seems we have turkey for days. It is nice to have something a little different, but still a little festive and something that feels extra special. Sometimes just a nice soup and sandwich for lunch is a great break during the holidays especially something that goes beautifully together is fruit and cheese. Even a simple soup and sandwich can be turned into a Decadent and special lunch.

Camembert is one of my favorite cheeses and even though a lot of people think it is higher in fat than cheddar, it isn’t … It is actually good for you in a lot of ways and it has a lovely creamy sharpness that pairs perfectly with bacon in a gluten free sandwich. It’s so yummy- put them together with a nice Apple garlic soup that is very easy to make and you have an incredibly delicious meal!

Apple garlic soup

Six apples chopped finely
4 cups of vegetable Broth
1tsp of cinnamon
1 tsp of garlic Powder ( or to taste- I like garlic )

Can also add 2 minced Shallots for an enhanced flavour if you want.

Combine apple, spices and broth in a saucepan, stir occasionally and cook until apples are tender, transfer half of the contents at a time to a glass heatproof blender ( or all of it if x-large blender), blend completely ( can also use a hand blender and do the all of it in pan) .
Once blended pour into large heat proof bowl before serving.

Makes 6 servings

Grilled Camembert and bacon sandwich
for each sandwich

2 slices of Gluten Zero  gluten free bread [although, if you are ok with gluten – then by all means have regular bread! ]
½ tbsp melted or softened butter [gf bread tears easily, so I like to melt it …also uses less]
4 slices of Camembert cheese
2 slices of bacon ( cut in half)

Oil a small fry pan lightly –butter outside of bread [ I use a pastry brush for the melted butter]. Place slice of bread buttered side down into pan.
Place the cheese slices over the slice of bread, covering completely, place bacon slices on top of cheese. Cover with remaining slice of bread – butter side out. Flip when 1st side is done to you liking. Continue heating until cheese is thoroughly melted and both side of bread are nicely browned. A beautiful creamy explosion of flavours for your mouth! !

Serve with bowl of hot Apple and garlic soup and enjoy!

Gluten free

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