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Lay’s are Gluten-free

June 7, 2012

You know that old saying ” Bet you can’t have just one” . With Lay’s it is so true! I don’t normally purchase a lot of chips, but when I do it is always Lay’s because they are so good, and although they had never  been labeled as gluten free, I knew from the ingredient listing that the regular chips were gluten free.

So for special treats it is always Lay’s Chips in our house!

I was delighted when I was asked if I would like to try their chips in the new “gluten free” packaging . In the past we had just bought  the regular chips;  the ingredients listed were just potatoes, oil and salt.  I had never bothered to check the other flavours, assuming that the  additions [flavours] would have  been some gluten in them.  Well to my surprise, all the flavours have always been gluten free – but they just received the gluten free designation so they are relabeling to show that .   My DD was happy to say the least – she was eager to try them all. I can honestly say that I  thoroughly enjoyed all the flavours!

They arrived in a a basket – reminiscent of the basket that Lays used on the commercials a while ago. We were  sent the Regular, Salt& Vinegar, Ripple, Cheddar and Sour Cream, Ketchup, Dill Pickle and Lightly Salted; they were also all family size!

Lay's are Gluten-Free
Love the basket!


Lay's are Gluten-free
So many great flavours!

It had been years since I had Ketchup chips, they were as good as I remember them! There was no difference in taste and my husband who is also a big fan of Lay’s and is not gluten free, loved them as well! I love that I can now have any of these flavours, and as they are labeled and certified  Gluten free, they are fine for me to eat. [Which I may do a lot of- not good for my hips! ].

So glad they have been officially certified as Gluten Free!;)

To find out more about which flavours have been certified please visit the Lay’s website . You will be pleasantly surprised!


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    1. Thanks Stephanie! We love Lay’s here. Great that I can now get all the different flavours – we just finished a bag of ketchup flavor – don’t last past the 1st night around here! 🙂

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