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  1. The Atlantic Road, part of Norway ‘s County Road 64, is five miles of pure exhilaration in the western fjords. Opened in 1989, this zigzagging configuration of seven bridges begins about two miles west of Kårvåg, stretches west to link the tiny islands that dot the Norwegian Sea, and ends in Vevang. Of the seven bridges, Storseisundet Bridge — located just over two miles east of Vevang — is perhaps the most well-known. Also called “The Bridge to Nowhere,” Storseisundets bend and twists in such a way that creates the optical illusion of a steep drop-off when viewed from afar. But don’t worry: The bridge continues smoothly, so you won’t veer off the edge into freezing waters. As well as unique engineering, the Atlantic Road boasts jaw-dropping views. Travelers on the road in the summer months might catch a glimpse of seals or aquatic birds. Meanwhile, daredevils who opt for autumn road trips may encounter raging storms that bring waves crashing against the highway barriers (we recommend a stormy road trip for experienced drivers only).

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