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Stopping for a McCafe while shopping and searching for: #EqualCanada @McD_Canada #Cbias

December 11, 2011

Christmas time is always such a busy time- lots of shopping and lots of baking happens here as I am sure in most houses.  This weekend, my daughter had to have another orthodontist checkup to see how her teeth were progressing;  we also had some shopping to do.

Once we left the Orthodontist we thought we would head over to get some grocery shopping done and head over to the library later. DD had some books and CDs to take back and there were a few other books on hold for her to pick up [she is a voracious reader!].

Once we left the library , we were both feeling a little tired and needed a little pick me up -– she has been asking for a Latte for a while and I have been wanting to try out their new McCafe, so I said we could stop in at McDonald’s down the road [generally,  I am not a fan of giving my child coffee, but she had some great news earlier about  getting her braces off at the next visit, so I thought this would be a treat for her] . It was close to the shopping area we were at, and needed to get back to later.

I was surprised to see that the restaurant was not very busy – there was a birthday party going on in the Atrium area but there were quite a few empty seats otherwise.Unfortunately, this McDonald’s did not have a cozy fireplace McCafe set up. There were lots of signs advertising the new ‘McCafe’.

Luckily, we did not have to wait long to order. We stuck with the coffees as I wasn’t sure what else on the menu was gluten free and I didn’t want to feel ill later; it was nice to see that you had your choice 2% or skim milk. When I was given the coffee, I asked if they had any sweetener [I have been making a concerted effort to cut down on my sugar intake and have eliminated it pretty much completely. However, there are still sometimes that I find some coffee too strong tasting so I need a bit of sweetener] the young man who was taking our order was very polite and efficient.  He grabbed a few packets of a sweetener from under the counter; it was not Equal.  I asked if they carried any Equal sweetener and he replied no, this was all they had.  I mentioned that it would be great to have a choice of sweeteners available instead of just having the one brand.

DD enjoying her first McCafe “latte”

It was nice just to sit and relax for a bit and enjoy the coffee; we still had a couple of other stops to make before getting back home. As I mentioned before, it wasn’t that busy in the main area but they were fairly busy with the party and there were quite a few families in the play area eating and having fun!

As we sat, we talked about what our plan of attack would be for the rest of the errands and decided that we get going and get all our errands done so we could get home and curl up by our own fire for a bit. Before we left I asked the young man who had served us if they had any customer comment cards, he said he didn’t think that they ever had any as he had never seen or heard of them.  He did say that I could go their website and check there for them

So many pretty things!

After we left we made a couple more stops – one was to one of my favorite places, Home Sense. They always have such beautiful Christmas decorations available.  We were looking for a couple of decorations to add to our collection, but this was going to be hard- there were so many to choose from.  We bought a couple of small items but there were more that I wanted to come back for later.

We were happy to get home and sit by the fire and warm up a bit before getting started on dinner.

Later on that night I went onto the McDonald’s Canada website and tried to fill out the customer survey form, I realized that I had misplaced the receipt so I could not enter the store # , which the survey asks for.  Upon going to the website to check the location, the restaurant # wasn’t listed either so I could not fill out the form to suggest that it would be nice for them to they carry a selection of sweeteners for customers to choose from, instead of just the one brand.

Online Customer survey and loation finder

Want more information regarding Equal?  Please visit:  Equal website, @EqualCanada twitter page and Equal Canada on Facebook

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias    -All opinions are my own.”

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  1. Love the new McCafe’s that are popping up all over town! (and glad to hear that althought McD’s didn’t have Equal, they have a place you can go to let them knowyou wish they did!!)

    1. Yes, love the McCafes popping up! Always great to have a selection of sweeteners that you can choose from, but have to make sure you get the store number before you can comment! 😉

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