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Butternut Squash, Spinach and Goat cheese Lasagne with Catelli gluten free lasagne.

I love the introduction of more and more great, gluten free products – Catelli® has just launched its line of Gluten Free Lasagne – an oven-ready lasagne that does not need to be boiled or cooked beforehand – it is the sixth cut of pasta to be featured in the Catelli® Gluten Free Pasta line, […]

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Eating Gluten free safely in Puerto Vallarta
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Think eating gluten free safely in Puerto Vallarta is a problem? Think again!

If you have been wanting to visit, but are unsure of eating gluten free safely in Puerto Vallarta, I can tell you that it is possible.  I had the pleasure of visiting a few wonderful restaurants in the area and thoroughly enjoyed all my meals, without any problems afterward.  They took special precautions and prepared […]

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Special weekend morning treat with Glutino and chocolate.

I am part of the Glutino blogger program and am sent products for review. Weekends are my time to take it easy and have something a little extra special for breakfast.  With so many options available right now from Glutino, it makes it easy to get something unique and quick together for special occasions. Today […]

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Strawberries and Chocolate
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Strawberries and chocolate, oh what a perfect combination! #glutenfree

Strawberries and Chocolate. Strawberries are one of my favourite fruits and luckily, everyone around loves them as well  Don’t know what I would do if anybody was allergic to them in this household!  Love the time of year when Strawberries come out and are so sweet and juicy. I enjoy having them on their own, […]

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Gluten free lunch ideas

Gluten free lunch Always make sure that your gluten free lunch is a healthy, delicious and is easy to eat  [especially for the kids]- try and follow the dietary guidelines and include fruits, vegetables, protein, grains as well as dairy. There are many naturally gluten-free foods found in every food group. Choose naturally gluten-free grain […]

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