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#SellOffFX making travel easier!

February 6, 2016

SellOffFX –

Traveling is such an incredible experience… I try to take advantage of it as much as possible. This March my daughter will be heading to Greece on a trip with her school. I am very excited for her as well as a little worried… it will be the first time she has travelled

outside the country without one of us with her. There are many things to think about.. especially in terms of the amount of money she will be carrying, she won’t have access to her account very easily and mommy and daddy bank won’t be at her disposal either.  But luckily, there is now another solution! The new SellOffVacations Travel FX card makes this so much easier and will give me peace of mind while she is travelling. I don’t have to worry about her carrying lots of cash on her and having it stolen, leaving her without funds.

SellOffVacations has had a 30-year relationship with Canadian travellers. The company has built great value and trust and does a very good job servicing customers with products that make life and travel easier. The SellOffFX card they are now offering is the first of its kind on the market, with other offerings not being a true FX travel card.

Convenience and security!

The new SellOffVacations Travel FX Card allows you to purchase foreign currency on the card at a low fee locking in the exchange rate at the time you purchase it, and securing those funds on your own card. It’s easy to make transactions directly using your SellOffVacations Travel FX card, which you can use at millions of locations worldwide, including online, over the phone, and at ATMs – wherever MasterCard is accepted.  So I will feel secure in knowing that my daughter will be able to use it while she is travelling without any issues.

You can even load up to equivalent of $3000 CDN in US Dollar, Mexican Pesos, British Pounds and Euros on the SellOffFX card. (Although I am not loading that much on her card, I want her to have fun… not break the bank!)  🙂

Security is a priority for me… the Cards are protected with PIN and chip technology. My daughter can spend money comfortably and securely while traveling with no links to my main bank account.

The convenience of being reloadable if she needs more funds while she are away is definitely a plus. I can also track her spending activity so I will know if, and when to reload the card for her. Find out more here  or here here.

Join us to learn more details about this great card!


When: Wednesday, February 10th at 9:30 PM ET

Hashtag: #SellOffFX

Hosts: @rossanawyatt + @cammipham

Guests: @SellOffVacation  + @Themuna


PRIZES [$2000+]:

  •       Early bird prize – 1 x $100 gift card
  •       7 x $100 gift card
  •       1 x $500 gift card
  •       Grand Prize 1 x $1000 gift card


*DISCLAIMER:This post is brought to you by SelOffVacations™. All thoughts, opinions are my own.

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