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Enjoy Life Granola

May 24, 2011

This week I had the lovely surprise of receiving Enjoy Life’s new Chocolate Crunch Granola along with a package of chocolate mega chunks in the mail.  Both are Gluten free as well as free of tree nuts, peanuts, milk and soy.  They contain no artificial ingredients, trans fats or Genetically Modified Ingredients – so they are really healthy.

These are 2 new products from the Enjoy Life product line.  I was so happy to hear that they were coming out with another flavour and it was chocolate!

When my DD and I first started on our gluten free diet Enjoy life granola and their cookies were some of the first products I purchased.  My DD loved their cookies and we both enjoyed the granola. Our favourite was the Very berry crunch.  We now have a new favourite – Double Chocolate crunch!

This Granola tastes great on  its own or with yogurt – I really like it best plain, as a snack.  My DD likes it best with vanilla yogurt; she said she feels like she is having dessert for breakfast, it is loaded with mini chocolate chips too!  For a Gluten Free tween, this is a real bonus [well, actually any kid!].

Plus it is really nutritious!  One of the things that you have to watch out for when on a gluten free diet is that you get enough iron and minerals from your food.  The Double Chocolate crunch contains 50% of Daily iron intake, big time score!

The other nice little thing is that it comes in a re- sealable, stay fresh bag [not that it will last long enough to get stale around here!].

The Chocolate mega  chunks are nice on their own – will be baking with them later this week. They remind me of those liquorice nibs in shape, but much better!

These new products will be available soon on store shelves in Canada, so keep your eyes out for them.  You can buy them in Natural food stores, and grocery stores as well as through online retailers. You should also try some of their other great products – soft baked cookies, cereal, chewy bars and mini chocolate chips.  You can check out their website here for more product info .

I know I will be checking my grocery store frequently, hoping I will be able to get more granola soon!