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So…what’s for breakfast?

October 26, 2011

One of the things that I hear most often is that there never seems to be  great options for breakfast if you are gluten free.  I have found that I prefer to make my own waffles and pancakes than buy the pre made gluten free ones, the pre made one seem to be very dry once they are reheated.

I decided to try and convert a waffle recipe that I used to use before I  started on the gluten free diet.

I had to change it around a bit and experiment every time I change flours; I have even found that different batches of the same flour yield different results. Lately, I have been using Bob’s Red Mill All purpose flour. In the past I have used the El Peto all purpose flour, it is slightly more expensive than the Bob’s but found that is easier to work with. I was able to substitute the flour 1:1 with the El Peto, but found that the Bob’s had to be played with a little to get the right ratio.  My very first batch had too much liquid – I ended up with great crepes, but that was not what I was aiming for. So… I kept trying and finally got the right ratio!

I usually like to double the batch so that there will be extras for another day and freeze them.  They are also great as an afternoon snack with either peanut butter or nutella spread on them [as long as you don’t have nut allergies] and folded in half.  My daughter also likes them with just cream cheese.

GF Waffles

[Double batch]

2 cups all purpose flour [Bob’s Red Mill]

1 tsp baking powder

1/8  to ¼  tsp salt

1 tsp baking soda

½ to 1tsp cinnamon

2 eggs beaten

1cup of milk [can also use buttermilk if you prefer]

4 tblsp butter, melted

In bowl add all dry ingredients: stir to mix

Add in eggs milk and butter, mix well

Pour batter into a preheated prepared waffle iron: cook until steaming stops and waffles are golden.  Don’t open up waffle maker until done!


Do you have a favorite GF breakfast you would like to share?

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